Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Toronto’s First Blast of Winter Says It All:
Your Indoor Rainforest Sanctuary Awaits

Screenshot Video: Toronto Braces for snow storm by CityTV News

We’ve talked before about Seasonal Anxiety Disorder (SAD), Nature Deficit Disorder (NDD), and the stress and anxiety that goes along with living in structures suffering from Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).

The past 24 hours in Southern Ontario, nature delivered us a reminder that life in Canada can be a little bleak at times during the winter.

Especially in Toronto where the snowploughs appear to be a bit of an endangered species (fewer and fewer can be seen one year to the next), we were treated to hazardous driving conditions on highways and major arteries, and lots of unpleasant dirty slushy muck on side streets.

Let’s face it, this is one of the big downsides of winter.

Whether a pedestrian, taking the TTC, cycling (and believe it or not, there are people who still ride their bikes in weather like this), or driving, the arrival at our destination usually comes accompanied by an overwhelming feeling of “aahhhh, made it…safe and sound” (or something of that nature).

Now, just imagine if your destination had its own rainforest ecosystem:

Image by PeapodLife: Rainforest Ecosystem.

The warmth, the colours, the light, the flowers, the soothing sound of running water, the vibrant energy that soothes and relaxes you and works out with high vibrational energy all the tension you may be harbouring from being outside in the cold, dark, grey of a Toronto’s winter day.

Now imagine if this rainforest sanctuary awaits and envelopes you all day at work!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Rainforest Ecosystem Greens Café at 401 Bay!
Shared Office Space Abuzz with Orchids, Moss, Bromeliads, Waterfall & More!

Image by PeapodLife: Angolo Ecosystem Unit in 401 Bay Centre Suite 1600 Café

“OMG! It’s Beautiful!”

“I love it!”

“It’s great! I eat my lunch here every day!”

These are just a sample of the comments we’ve been hearing from occupants of 401 Bay Centre, 401 Bay Street, Suite 1600, Toronto, Ontario M5H 2Y4.  The shared office space on the 16th floor has caught ecosystem fever since we moved a special Angolo unit into their café.

Really? Doesn’t look like much to me…what’s all the fuss about?

Pictures really cannot do our ecosystems justice. Like any experience of nature, you’ve got to experience it for yourself to really appreciate what all the fuss is about. The good news is, you can experience it for yourself. More on that later.

In the meantime, let us share with you that we have had nothing but positive feedback from everyone we’ve spoken to at 401 Bay Centre since the installation of the ecosystem.

Why 401 Bay Centre?

In their own words:
“401 Bay Street is an award winning Green building having received the Building of Excellence Award in 2007. It was Canada’s first office tower to recycle 100% of the waste, and utilizes the Enwave Deep Lake Cooling system that reduces the building cooling electricity by 90%. Our café is plastic free and our garbage is recycled.”
Source: Frequently Asked Questions 401 Bay Street

All this is well and good, but it’s still not literally green.

Marnie Walker, Owner of 401 Bay Centre, fell in love with the ecosystem.  Having a truly green addition to her shared office space environment seemed like a no-brainer, considering her love of plants and her passion for all things green. 

What Can the Companies at 401 Bay Expect?

While impossible to predict exact outcomes, what people at 401 Bay can expect is the calming yet invigorating effect the ecosystem has on them. Whenever they need a break, they can go to the café and chill out in the company of a high order rainforest ecosystem.

Lush foliage. Bright colourful orchids and exotic flowers. The soothing sounds of water running down a real rock waterfall. Freshly minted oxygen bellowing off a rainforest living wall unlike any other: with no plant replacement costs, no chemicals or fertilizers of any kind added.

Just nature in her highest expression…beckoning for you to achieve your highest expression. Nature at its best and most balance, filling the room with that same vital energy, doing everything it can to help you be the best, most balanced and alive you can be. Just imagine having a space like that in your office.

Why Should Bay Street Care?

Companies are a reflection of their people. Their strategies and decisions at the top reflect the well-being and clear thinking of their leaders. Leaders rely on the efforts of all those who work for them. An unhealthy, disharmonious office environment can produce neither a healthy company nor a healthy bottom line.

Sure, you might have a great quarter. You might even achieve year over year earnings growth. But this doesn’t necessarily mean your company is healthy. Health denotes long-term strength, resilience, and organic growth based on real-world performance in the macro-environment.

Attrition, cost-cutting, down-sizing, accounting tricks, financial wizardry, and a myriad other ways in which companies (especially publically traded ones) meet the incessant need of the markets for bottom-line growth are to business what steroids are to Olympic athletes. It’s simply not sustainable, period.

What can an ecosystem do to change business as usual on Bay Street?

It’s quite simple, really: an ecosystem helps create an environment of health and harmony within your company. Forget structural changes, we’re talking about an explosion of opportunity at the very heart and soul of your enterprise.

Your people perform better. They align their thoughts and ideas about how best to move forward with ideas that come to them more often in more profound moments of inspiration. Nature can do that; our ecosystems can do that.

You’ll invite more clients/partners/suppliers/government officials/media to come attend meetings in the company of your ecosystem. Those meetings will run more smoothly. You will find yourself more productive; more resilient; more able to handle whatever fires need to be put out today.

And yes, you too will feel the power of the rainforest ecosystem’s infinite energetic balancing capabilities to relax you, invigorate you, and inspire you to incredible new courses of action for tomorrow.

Can I Experience it for myself?

Yes! Contact PeapodLife at info@peapodlife.com today. Tell us a little about yourself, your company, and what intrigues you about having an ecosystem in your office. Don’t forget to leave us a number where we can reach you. We’ll call to arrange a viewing.

Your company is about to go into full bloom.

Image by PeapodLife: Monkey Orchid on Ecosystem at 401 Bay Centre, Toronto

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Your Ethical / Green Company on Ecosystems
A Biomimetic Model to Achieve Positive Macro Economic Results and Environmental Symbiosis via Ecosystems

Uploaded by agntsmth77

“It is now clear to me that the family is a microcosm of the world. To understand the world, we can study the family: issues such as power, intimacy, autonomy, trust, and communication skills are vital parts underlying how we live in the world. To change the world is to change the family.”
~ Virginia Satir
Source: Dictionary.com: Quotes: Quotation by Virginia Satir It_is_now_clear_to_me_that_the. (n.d.). Columbia World of Quotations. Retrieved November 28, 2013, from Dictionary.com website: http://quotes.dictionary.com/It_is_now_clear_to_me_that_the

Isn’t your company like your other family? PeapodLife certainly feels this way. As a small business initiative with a revolutionary paradigm of working, healing, learning and living, we know the bonds we share as a team and the dynamic we foster as a company create our future and the world around us.

If your company is anything like ours, your goals are somewhat grandiose (and include changing the world for the better). As a “Green/Ethical” business leader, you will no-doubt recognize how such bonds and collective visions come from the heart; they are our core values which inform all we do.

What if there was a way to create an enhanced microcosm for your corporate family, which naturally supported the fundamental core values of you, your employees, and all who visit your place of business?

What if you could have a microcosm of collective symbiosis and harmony? Could it, in the final analysis, be what is standing between you and your ethical/green macroeconomic and ecological goals?

Let’s use a biomimetic model to explore the nature of ecosystems at the micro and macrocosmic levels, and see what fruit such nature-inspired analysis produces.

Image by PeapodLife: Your Company on Ecosystems: 
Biomimetic Model to Achieve Positive Macro Economic Results and Environmental Symbiosis via Ecosystems

  1. HEART: This is the real source of our Core Values, along with Inspiration, Intuition, Feeling, Compassion and all those things that haven’t mattered in a purely logical, purely profit-driven models of business. It is also the source of our drive; our passion.

  2. MIND: Here our intellect is informed by our core values, feelings, senses of right and wrong, etc. and we manage the occasional profound thought, brilliant idea, or inspired strategy (in between the incessant non-stop thinking of our mechanical intellectual mind).

  3. ACTIONS: within the Company, when informed by the core values and other faculties of our heart-mind, are aligned with those core values reflect our higher selves; our greatest potential.

  4. RESULTS: for the Company will reflect our core values; our greatest potential.

  5. POSITIVE ENVIRONMENTAL FEEDBACK: from the macro environment is inevitable (although will not always be the case as some in the macro environment will not share our core values). This will produce a positive feedback loop which will affect the Company’s internal environment and ultimately the heart-minds of all the employees.

Here we see a logical outcome: to achieve your green/ethical macro economic, social and ecological targets, you need only model your company after the fundamental building blocks of life itself: the living cell.

So what about the status quo? The above analysis is all well and good, but exactly why should you make the investment in ecosystems of all things? Why all this emphasis on heart? In other words, what happens if we look at the reverse?

When we take a similar biomimetic approach to analyzing how most companies operate, we discover they resemble less a cell—the building blocks of life—and something altogether more ominous. But is Agent Smith from The Matrix correct? Let’s find out:

Image by PeapodLife: Your Company without Ecosystems: 
Biomimetic Model to Achieve Macro Economic Results with Environmental Exploitation via lack of Ecosystems

  1. HEART: Without ecosystems to support a strong set of core values centred in the heart, what we’re left with is raw drive; pure passion.

  2. MIND: Here our intellect is fuelled by raw passion and our conditioned beliefs around what a company is, what it means to succeed, what the shareholders want and what it takes to “win the game” become the mechanical programming which stand in for our core values.

  3. ACTIONS: within the Company, individuals adhering to accepted programs execute them mechanically, driven by their conditioned beliefs aligned with accepted definitions of business success.

  4. RESULTS: for the Company reflect the programming executed through its actions; our mundane potential: material gain with little or no regard for the consequences.

  5. HOSTILE ENVIRONMENTAL FEEDBACK: from the macro environment is inevitable (although will not always be the case as some in the macro environment will stand to benefit from sharing in our exploitation; i.e. “the spoils”). This will produce a hostile feedback loop which will affect the Company’s internal environment and ultimately the heart-minds of all the employees.

Indeed, we can see from the above diagram that the best analogy for humans, their behaviour, and their companies’ behaviour up to now is that of a virus. Agent Smith was right.

It’s no wonder the macro economic and ecological environments around the world are suffering as profits multiply for fewer and fewer people “at the top,” populations multiply “at the bottom,” and the middle class shrinks along with precious natural resources, ecological diversity, and environmental sustainability.

Your company is a family. Heal your family, heal the world. Make your company a living cell which functions on symbiosis and harmony internally, seek symbiosis and harmony with its macro environment. Be a positive example for all the virulent entities around the world.

Contact us to learn about how to get an ecosystem for your company and start the healing process TODAY.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Can Ecosystems Help those Suffering from Depression?
A Holistic Multidimensional Approach to Depression

Image: The Magic of Placebos 

“Depression is a disorder of the body as much as of the mind. Consider that several of the core symptoms of the condition manifest in body systems.”

The power of the mind on the body is tremendous; or, as the above CBC Infographic suggests, almost magical. We would argue that the relationship between mind and body is intimate, and while the placebo effect is one powerful example, depression is perhaps an even more startling one.

Anyone who has ever suffered from chronic depression knows that it’s more than just a psychological condition.  From physical exhaustion and pain to suppression or stimulation of appetite, the effects of depression on the body can be numerous, often compounding related negative thoughts and feelings.

Modern psychology and medicine have their explanations and treatments for this phenomenon: mostly materialistic drug-based treatments around managing levels of neurotransmitters in the brain and body. Such approaches are based, of course, on the assumption that mind, emotions, even consciousness are products of the brain.

But what if there was another explanation?

What if the brain’s function is to act as an interface between conscious and unconscious worlds —as all computers which interface between humans and machines do?  Although made in the image of our intellect, computers are not conscious. They have input/output and a CPU. That’s it.

Similarly, the central nervous system and brain receive sensory input, process that input into a form that is useable by the consciousness. On the flipside, they receive energetic inputs originating within (and from beyond) will, thoughts and emotion and translate those impulses into a form useable by the physical body.

From this perspective, we can begin to better understand the all-pervasive interconnectedness between psyche and body; how it is that a stubbed toenail produces more than just pain: it can elicit a severe emotional reaction and cause the mind to race frantically (sometimes curses lasting only a few moments; sometimes nagging thoughts linger for hours) in reaction to the pain stimulus.

What if we had more than just a physical body? What if we had a body of vital energy, (Chi/Qi; Prana, the etheric body), an emotional body, a mental body, and a causal body (the body of willpower).

Image by Genesis: Our Multidimensional Bodies & Depression

And, not only did we have such bodies, what if everything in nature had them as well?

We know from physics that all matter is, in fact, energy—and that there is no separating the two. But science is incapable of penetrating beyond a certain level of subtlety of that energy (the quantum worlds) with our crude materialistic scientific method.

Mathematically, science can theorize many dimensions. Physically science cannot prove the existence of any of them (yet). Of course not, because they are not physical in nature.  And yet, we all know we dream; we all experience thoughts and emotions.

Practitioners of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga, Martial Arts and many others know they can experience vital energy (Chi, Prana). And if you’ve never asked yourself the question, “what is willpower?” Do so now: is it a thought? An emotion? A physical movement? You can observe it; use it; but what exactly is it?

Now we begin to see how subtle the interlaced multidimensional energy bodies are, and how they are so tightly interlaced with each other within the field of consciousness. We can begin to appreciate how and why it is that a small child, witnessing his father trapped under a car, wills himself super-human strength to lift the car off his fathers chest. (Adrenaline alone can only do so much).

We can also appreciate the relationship between things like insomnia and depression. The racing mind keeps the body awake; the body that cannot sleep drives us crazy. A pain in the body that prevents us from being at peace, emotionally and mentally, and vice-versa: the chaos in our emotional and mental bodies—that for us are largely subconscious—which translates into physical discomfort, pain, etc.

Now consider that all kingdoms of nature have these same subtle energetic foundations (mineral, animal, plant, human kingdom). But, unlike human beings who are in a particular category of nature in which greater free will and higher levels of consciousness come to fore (i.e. ethics, morality, art, etc.), the lower-level beings of nature are innocent. Innocent is not the same as unintelligent, by the way.

From an energetic perspective, what if we could bathe our energy bodies in soothing and healing energy? Like a bath of Epsom salts which soothes the central nervous system, calming body and mind, we know what effect relaxing music can have; and, what a walk in the woods can do.

What if we could surround ourselves in an energy field whose physical manifestation is symbiosis and harmony? What effect would that energy field have on our mental, emotional, vital and physical bodies?

In the coming months and years, Genesis Eco Fund will put itself to task to demonstrate just what benefits ecosystems can have on the whole of the human condition, beginning with those conditions such as Autism and depression which hurt so many, and whose origins are not within the physical body.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Infinite Potential for Your Business:
Ecosystems Create Infinite Possibility

Image: May you fulfill the infinite potential within you for the limitless benefit of One and All  
Source: know-oneness.com: Know-Oneness | Universal Energy and Consciousness Healing Resources

“We must learn to reawaken and keep ourselves awake, not by mechanical aid, but by an infinite expectation of the dawn.”

“We are nature. Our every tinkering is nature, our every biological striving. We are what we are, and the world is ours…Your only difficulty is your unwillingness to unleash your potential fully upon it.”

Much has been said over the years about living your potential, personal power, limitless possibilities, etc. The vast majority of this messaging comes from the self-help industry which at last count was worth $11 billion  (Kathryn Schulz , Source: wikipedia.org: Wikipedia: Self-help: Statistics: In 2013 Kathryn Schulz examined "an $11 billion industry").

The self-improvement industry has always had its business champions. You will often see these self-made millionaires speaking publically about their rise to fame and fortune, often from humble beginnings or worse—from the lows of destitution and hardship.

What’s interesting is these people rarely speak holistically about their environment. The people, places, circumstances and other influences which together helped them begin living at their full potential (if indeed they are doing that—real success and what this world deems as such are rarely the same thing).

The term “self-help” is loaded. Yes, people must help themselves. We must make an effort, take action, do the work, endure challenges and overcome obstacles. We must participate in the process. But that process is as much about being done as it is doing. In other words, it’s not something we do alone.

“There comes a moment in every life when the Universe presents you with an opportunity to rise to your potential. An open door that only requires the heart to walk through, seize it and hang on. The choice is never simple. It’s never easy. It’s not supposed to be. But those who travel this path have always looked back and realized that the test was always about the heart. ...The rest is just practice.”

No one is an island.  Nothing exists in a vacuum. We prefer to follow the wisdom and guidance of those who have recognized that they were being guided: from within and without. There is a kind of universal plan at work in our lives, the same plan that we can see at work in nature and the world around us.

That same plan is at work within us and works through us as well. Our free-will is to heed its call or ignore it (submit to laziness, apathy, mediocrity, etc).  Self-help, then, is a matter of recognizing the difference between the false self (our ego-personality with all its petty desires) and our Higher Self (our true nature, a conscious individuated expression of oneness with all things).

“If the whole universe can be found in our own body and mind, this is where we need to make our inquires. We all have the answers within ourselves, we just have not got in touch with them yet. The potential of finding the truth within requires faith in ourselves.”

What does all this metaphysical talk have to do with business? Is not a business a collection of individuals? Is it not right that these individuals be conscious and express in thoughts, words and deeds the goals of the business in the marketplace? Is it not ideal for those goals to include benefits for one and all? What else does this sound like?

Ecosystems are a collection of individuals. The individuals are conscious (even if only to some tiny degree, according to their level of evolution) and express in actions and interactions the goals of the super organism—symbiotic and harmonious exchange of energies for the benefit of one and all.

Now imagine yourself a part of such an ecosystem. Imagine such an ecosystem was an integral part of your business.  Imagine if everyone in your organization had access to the infinite potential supported by multitudes of individuals living in harmony expressing the self-organizing goal of collective benefit.

Imagine the infinite potential which awaits you and your business.

“there is no planet, sun, or star could hold you if you but knew what you are.”

Image: Fractals

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Stuck at Work? Take a 10-Minute Break in Cottage Country
(& Skip Getting Stuck on Highway 400)

Stuck at Work? Take a 10-Minute Break in Cottage Country; image by PeapodLife
Image by PeapodLife: Stuck at Work? Take a 10-Minute Break in Cottage Country

The summer may be over and winter may be fast approaching. Let’s take a moment to reflect on some of the wonderful memories you may be sharing with thousands of Toronto residents who savoured every last minute of their precious long weekends up north in cottage country:
  • Traffic
  • Wasted time (traffic)
  • Bugs
  • Jockeying for position on the highway
  • Jockeying for good campsites in crowded parks
  • “WTF!?” Weather Forecasts
  • Did we mention traffic?

Truly, Torontonians long weekend excursions up north can really be summed up in one visual:

Being Up North and Getting Up North, image collage
Image Collage: Being Up North & Getting Up North 

So why do we put ourselves through it? One word: SANCTUARY.

Most human beings crave some sort of reprieve from the daily grind of the big city. The concrete jungle, boss, employees, co-workers, commute, crowds, noise, hustle & bustle…we can only take so much before we need to fill our lungs with a huge breathe of fresh air and give off an extended sigh of relief.

What if you could have that sigh of relief whenever you needed it at work, 5 days a week, 365 days a year? What if that feeling of “AHH!” we so look forward to on the long weekends didn’t come after all the hours and aggravation of getting there? With Advanced Human Habitat, your “AHH!” could be here…now.

An Extended Sigh of Relief in Nature, Here & Now in Advanced Human Habitat: AHH!
Image Collage: An Extended Sigh of Relief in Nature, Here & Now in Advanced Human Habitat: AHH! 

Indoor ecosystems are the key to creating a new level of focused relaxation and invigoration in the workplace. It’s possible to bathe ourselves in the same calming and healing energies we so desperately crave from nature, and are seemingly willing to go to almost any lengths to get.

Let’s be honest here: whether you buy your own cottage, rent a B&B, or even a campground, after you factor in the time, gas, accessories, meals, etc. your long-weekend excursion isn’t exactly cheap (and with a half-day travel there, and another half-a-day back, you effectively only get two days of “Ahh!”

The expense of immersing ourselves in the beauty, tranquility and vitality of natural spaces is nothing compared to the benefits we feel we get in return. We feel better, rejuvenated, inspired even. We can return to our work with a renewed sense of “anything’s possible!” We may return with a fresh idea, a new solution to an old problem, or an inspired insight on a troubling issue we were facing.

We are more likely to have fresh thoughts when we feel refreshed. Now imagine if you could get that fresh feeling, whenever you needed it at work. All you need to do is step back from the stressful situation and negative energy confronting you, and take in your workplace ecosystem sanctuary from PeapodLife, with its inspiring natural microclimate and positive energy enveloping you.

When you finish your little 10 minute sojourn up north, you’ll return to the situation with new eyes, a fresh outlook, and greet even the most challenging of circumstances with a smile.  Just imagine what challenges you (and/or your team) can successfully confront when an ecosystem’s got your back.

That’s why we say it’s not only advanced habitat for humans; it’s habitat for advanced humans. PeapodLife Building Ecosystems & Technology: Advanced Human Habitat. “AHH,” indeed.

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Boosting Performance of Ethical Investments the Natural Way
Harmony on a Macro Scale via Micro Social & Environmental Symbiosis

Image Collage: What Was True for the Greeks is still True Today...
Heal Your Microcosm First - Ecosystems Help You Heal the Rest ~ www.peapodlife.com
Embedded Image Sources:
Microcosm-Macrocosm: machinatorium.wordpress.com: 120 // MSN2 / Research / Microcosm & Macrocosm
CEO: socialmarketbuzz.com: Social Market Buzz: CEO Leadership
Planet Hollywood Resort & Las Vegas Strip: wikipedia.org: Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino
Planet: ericsson.com: Ericsson: Technology For Good Blog - planet-earth

In some sense man is a microcosm of the universe; therefore what man is, is a clue to the universe. We are enfolded in the universe.
~ David Bohm
Read more at brainyquote.com: BrainyQuote - Microcosm Quotes

We are a microcosm of the universe. It is an ancient axiom which we cannot reasonably deny. We are products of our environment and our thoughts, words, actions, habits and character unfold our destiny (Lao Tzu, Mahatma Gandhi, et al).

Yesterday we attended an Ethical Funds presentation by NEI Investments hosted by Meridian Credit Union at Cutten Fields in Guelph, Ontario. The talk was given by Robert Walker, Vice President, Ethical Funds & ESG Services, NEI Investments.

What struck us during the presentation was the rise in Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) and Environmental Social Governance (ESG). The terminology we use at PeapodLife is Social Environmental Economics (SEE) as it relates to different aspects of the business process: SEE Valuation, for instance.

The logical goal of companies operating under an ESG framework is, after all, to affect macrocosmic change (positive changes beyond the narrow scope of shareholder value; one might say shareholder values, where values denotes something quite beyond material gain, called SRI or SEE in our terms).

Affecting macro change is difficult. No doubt about it. It is highly complex and impeded on all sides by innumerable competing interests. This is why nature does not affect macro change. It does not, and we see time and again in nature: fractal geometry, chaos mathematics, and biology.

Image Collage: Even the largest mammal on the planet is a macrocosmic expression (organism) of a perfect microcosmic design (the living cell) and a repeating process of cell division & specialization.Images Source: 

Nature perfects micro changes, then relies on intelligent application of those changes along an escalating framework of infinitely complex cause and effect relationships, called chaos by some.

Why can’t companies tap into the same natural process, on which the entire fabric of nature is based?

Using rainforest ecosystems to heal the microcosmic environment in which they work, CEO’s, their managers and employees will immerse themselves in the calming yet invigorating and inspiring energy field of a high-order ecosystem. Our ecosystems are designed to support the highest expression of all beings that are a part of them. When we are in their proximity, we count as members of said ecosystem.

The ecosystem is intelligent. It is self-regulating, largely self-supporting, and most importantly self-organizing. It comprehends that its survival depends in no small part on the success of the human beings whose living/working environment it calls its own. To that end, it must support not just the physical and mental well-being of said humans, it also strives to create an emotional bond; literally, a space of love.

How many great artists, philosophers, thinkers, scientists, designers, mathematicians, leaders, etc. have found inspiration in nature? We have taken for granted the scientific process at work. This is not just quaint anecdotal evidence or trivial coincidence. Nature seeks the evolution and highest expression of all its creatures: for all our posturing, we are still mostly intellectual animals.

And yet, we have the profound potential to be so much more. We have the potential to allow a new, “bottom up” kind of process to take hold in a positive upward spiral of chaos. If our microcosm was a space of symbiosis and harmony, and we were a part of that energy field, it is that harmonic energy field which would influence our thoughts, ideas, behaviours, words, actions, habits, character, and destiny.

Whereas until now, our industrial and post-industrial age has seen humanity live & work in largely toxic environments devoid of true natural expressions (and the macrocosm of the planet reflects this), we can begin changing the tide, quite rapidly, we might add, by making a dramatic shift at the microcosmic level in indoor environments of the movers and shakers: the leaders making decisions for companies, organizations and governments shaping the future of this humanity and the planet as a whole.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Confessions of a Designer:
We Feel what is Beyond Measurement

Image: Sunnylands Center, Palm Springs Florida
“It’s not imitating the house in any way; it’s just instilled with the feel of some of the elements. It frames your experience as a visitor."
~ Michael S. Smith, Santa Monica designer
Source: palmspringslife.com: Design of the Times
These are the words of Santa Monica designer Michael Smith, on crafting a relaxing public space with the atmosphere of a grand living room. He mentions no measurements; no quantitative analysis whatsoever. No materialistic science of any kind.

And yet, as interior designers go, Mr. Smith must have some quantifiable credentials. After all, he did furnish the private living quarters of the White House for President Obama and the First Lady.

We live in a funny world: a world in which the ruling class has always measured success empirically on one hand, then used their wealth and power to wrap themselves in a feeling which cannot be measured...truly.

One can say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and one would be right if one was referring merely to aesthetics. But a designer’s language—especially a designer of spaces—lies not in the realm of aesthetics. We design spaces which feel a certain way.

We all know feeling is not the same as thinking; and, we know it is impossible to put a measure on qualitative aspects of a space. You can take all the physical measurements you want (dimensions, lighting, surface area, temperature, and thousands more) then take that data and try to reproduce the space with the same qualities and you will fail…miserably. Why is that?

I never really gave this much thought, actually. At least, not until I embarked on the whole PeapodLife project, started spending time with our ecosystems, and began comprehending for the first time the language I had been speaking my whole life as a designer.

What a designer feels is energy, but it is not energy which can be measured using any physical method. This is because the energy we feel is not physical in nature; it is subtle.

No one can deny their experience of “bad vibes;” of suddenly experiencing “the heebie jeebies” for no apparent reason.  Conversely, we have all experienced any number of “warm and fuzzy” feelings in countless different circumstances, often with no clear material cause. 

Science—particularly neuroscientists, armed with their fancy MRI’s, EEG’s and laboratory experiments—will disagree, of course. Their ceaseless efforts to reduce the human experience to electrical activity in the brain are as we speak advancing such noble pursuits as branding and advertising.

Image: Photo of woman wearing “Neuroscience Brain Hack” device by Neuro-Focus. | Photo by Gene Lee

Science assumes that “life energy” is the product of the physical organism. If there is such a thing as “bad vibes,” it likely has to do with electromagnetic fields (measurable) and their effect on the central nervous system and the brain.

How long can science ignore that the foundations of reality are energetic? They have built the $7.5 billion euro Large Hadron Collider for the purpose of detecting the Higgs Boson and other theoretical particles which give mass to energy.

Science seems desperate to assert the 3-dimensional worldview (that physical reality is primary). There is a disconnect, however. And we all can and do experience that disconnect: with every experience of non-physical reality, experiences which science desperately wants to convince us are merely products of our conscious and subconscious mind housed purely in the physical brain.

With our ground-breaking work on the ecosystem, PeapodLife brings biology to the discussion in a meaningful way. After all, there is no better way to observe the nature and foundations of life (and life energy) than from a biological framework.

By working with the underlying matrix of life—which is subtle, non-material energy—our ecosystems are able to achieve what no conventional materialistic approach to plants can. Certainly, we work in 3-dimensional reality, and the design of our ecosystems exist to support the bodies of ecosystems which are likewise material.

But the cause-and-effect relationships between 3rd and 4th dimensional are far more subtle, complex, non-linear, and precisely the reverse of what conventional wisdom would have us believe. How do we do it? Measure it? Prove it?

How do you know when a design works? You don’t think it through. You don't measure it. You simply feel it.

This is the starting point.

Martina Ernst
President and Co-Founder of PeapodLife a Division of Wo-Built Inc.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

3 Secrets to Using Nature to Grow Your Business: Amazing New Keynote for Green Business Associations!

PeapodLife Project Director, Attila Lendvai's Presentation 
“How to Add More Green to Your Portfolio”
Toronto, The Hyatt Regency, March 30, 2013
2013 @ peapodLife.com

Did you know that 50% of the North American workforce has complained of Sick Building Symptoms and 14% reported a decrease in productivity? Did you also know that the majority of office workers experiencing Sick Building Syndrome see a significant reduction of these symptoms when they spend more time outdoors? (Source: san-marcousa.com: ROMA: Eco-Sustainable Technologies: Benefits of Breathable Buildings: Statistics USA: Indoor Pollution: Sick Building Syndrome (SBS))

What if we could show you a way to improve the air quality and productivity in your work environment by bringing the outdoors into your office in a completely unique and unprecedented way to allow your workers and your business to thrive?

Three Secrets to Using Nature to Grow Your Business

In this informative and life-changing seminar, you will learn:
  • Hidden dangers lurking in your work environment literally sucking the life and profits out of your business. “Aargh!” (Venting won’t fix it).
  • How to get Mother Nature looking after your HR productivity, reliability and wellness issues.
  • Discover the world-changing secret to Bio-Networking a sustainable business model that enhances your human capital, protects the environment and increases your profitability.

Photo: PeapodLife's Booth at The Property Show
Martina Ernst, President and Co-Founder of PeapodLife and
Attila Lendvai, Co-Founder and Project Director of PeapodLife
PeapodLife (www.peapodlife.com), a Division of Wo-Built Inc (www.wobuilt.com)
2013 @ wobuilt.com
About the Speakers

Martina Ernst is the President and Co-Founder of PeapodLife (www.peapodlife.com) a Division of Wo-Built Inc.
Martina is a design & build specialist who helps businesses improve the quality of their work spaces. Her education, both in architecture and business, and her 25-year building industry expertise give her a unique approach to designing spaces with a balanced emphasis on aesthetics, practicality and profitability.
Martina was recently featured on Extraordinary Women TV, the radio shows Small Business Big Ideas Show and From a Woman's Perspective.
Martina's passion is to provide the healthiest indoor environment possible for her clients.

Attila Lendvai is the Co-Founder and Project Director of PeapodLife (www.peapodlife.com) a Division of Wo-Built Inc.
Attila is a passionate social entrepreneur with one eye on the big-picture; the other on the bottom-line. He has 20 years of international experience as a consultant and manager of both for-profit and non-profit ventures, working with companies such as IBM, ABB, Gas de France, Nova Scotia Power, Georgian Bancorp and Emilio & Coco. A seasoned speaker and emcee, Attila is also a blogger and author of The Attlas Project – SEE the World in a New Light, and contributing author of Competitive Intelligence and Global Business.
Attila was recently interviewed on AllTalkTV.com with David Grossman and is a regular contributor to GreenAddition.blogspot.ca.
Attila has made PeapodLife his life’s mission to bring clean air indoors to serve humanity in a deep and meaningful way.

Three Secrets to Using Nature to Grow Your Business

This exciting new keynote speech is available to organizations, associations, and their corporate stakeholders. We’re also happy to present to large corporations, governments, anyone who is sick and tired of working in Sick Buildings and want to know the secrets to higher productivity and employee satisfaction, the natural way.

For more information, contact PeapodLife today!

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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Experience our Latest Ecosystem Installation at the Inner Garden: Room 384, 401 Richmond Street West (at Spadina) Toronto

Photo: PeapodLife's Ecosystem at UrbanSpace, 401 Richmond
Genesis Eco Fund sharing office space in the Inner Garden
Room 384, 401 Richmond Street West (at Spadina), Toronto, ON M5V 3A8
2013 @ peapodlife.com

Come and experience an Ecosystem with us!

Today we are happy to announce that we have moved a modified Angolo Ecosystem Unit into the Inner Garden located at 401 Richmond Street West, Room 384. Genesis Eco Fund has taken part-time shared office space in the Inner Garden (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays).

Genesis Staff & Volunteers will be on-hand Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during office hours for ecosystem viewings and one-on-one Q&A sessions (by appointment). In addition, Genesis will be hosting information sessions, lunch & learns, and evening events as part of its community outreach and educational mandate.

Why the Inner Garden?

The Inner Garden is a shared space hosting an array of grassroots, arts, cultural & conscious events. Its stated goal is to cultivate collective opportunity for teachers, healers musicians, performers and facilitators to connect, share and gather with a heart-centric community, in love, service, and re-discovery, in the spirit of the following quote:

“Wisdom is knowing I am nothing,
Love is knowing I am everything,
and between the two... my life moves."
~ Nisargadatta Maharaj
Source: theinnergarden.ca: The Inner Garden: Torontos Sacred Gathering Space

The Inner Garden’s philosophy, mission and approach are aligned with the vision and mission of PeapodLife and Genesis Eco Fund, expressed in the following passage from their website:

“The western garden: lush, visible, surrounding the house. Gardens in the West, are often designed for walking (i.e. doing),
The Eastern garden: hidden, thus invisible, in the center of the house, protected. Gardens of the East are intended for rest & relaxation (i.e. Being).”

Read more about the distinction between Western and Eastern Gardens and what they say about our lives.

Photo: PeapodLife's Ecosystem at UrbanSpace, 401 Richmond
Genesis Eco Fund sharing office space in the Inner Garden
Room 384, 401 Richmond Street West (at Spadina), Toronto, ON M5V 3A8
2013 @ peapodlife.com

Why an Ecosystem?

It makes perfect sense for the Inner Garden to have an ecosystem. Their mandate and activities in the shared space define it as a sanctuary: a space to not just be, but be at one’s very best: to realize oneself…one’s true Self. Sanctuary is what PeapodLife’s ecosystem technology is all about.

If we are products of our environments, we deserve the best possible environments.

It makes perfect sense, then, for everyone to have their own ecosystem; their own inner garden sanctuary…a place which balances the workaday world “out there”—with all its stresses and challenges –with a space of tranquility and harmony “in here.”

Everything happens for a reason.

PeapodLife is confident our ecosystem and not-for-profit division, Genesis Eco Fund, will make a valuable contribution to the Inner Garden, help others experience the priceless value of being in an indoor ecosystem sanctuary, and demonstrate how being in an indoor ecosystem sanctuary is the key to revitalized, creative, productive and stress-free doing.

After all, we still have to live. To truly live we must be in the world. Ecosystems not only remind us to be in the world but not of it, ecosystems help us be: more relaxed yet more awake; passive yet infinitely more creative; calm in mind yet infinitely more imaginative; balanced in mind, heart, body and infinitely more effective at whatever it is we do.

In short, ecosystems show us the way of doing being & being done. Come any one of the many events held at the Inner Garden at 401 Richmond (at Spadina), Room 384, (or, Contact Genesis Eco Fund to pay them a visit) and experience the power of the ecosystem for yourself.  

About Genesis Eco Fund:

Genesis Eco Fund is a registered not-for-profit corporation and the non-profit arm of PeapodLife Building EcoSystems & Technology (a Division of Wo-Built, Inc.) Supported in part by proceeds from PeapodLife sales, Genesis also runs fundraising and crowd funding campaigns. For more information about Genesis and their latest campaigns, please visit www.genesisecofund.org.

Photo: PeapodLife's Ecosystem at UrbanSpace, 401 Richmond
Genesis Eco Fund sharing office space in the Inner Garden
Room 384, 401 Richmond Street West (at Spadina), Toronto, ON M5V 3A8
2013 @ peapodlife.com

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Energy Fields Revealed: Harry Oldfield lifts the Veil on our Energetic Reality

This presentation filmed at the Glastonbury Symposium includes photographic and video evidence of unseen energetic fields, human energy, chakras, ‘entities’ and more. 
Published by happyduckuk

In the above video, author, inventor and scientist Dr. Harry Oldfield presents some of the more notable inventions, research and observations of the past 30 years as an investigator of unseen energy.

As astounding as all this is to PeapodLife, what grabbed our attention in the above video segment (at 9:20 in part 1/11 of this video series), was Dr. Oldfield’s observation that to see energy ‘phantoms’ in plants, they must be “100% organically grown.” He goes on to say…
“If it has seen chemical fertilization anytime in its growing life period you will only get partial phantoms.”
~ Dr. Harry Oldfield, Presentation Video, Glastonbury

This statement, backed up with decades of direct observations and research by one of the most notable scientists in the field, offers a whole different perspective on PeapodLife.

Life does not spring forth from the material world; it is, in fact, the reverse: it is the physical world which is 100% dependent on energy. Quantum physicists know this to be 100% factual. What we experience on the physical plane is merely the crude, superficial dimension of more subtle foundations of reality.

One can be given a direct glimpse—through clairvoyance, awakening of consciousness, and even Dr. Oldfield’s and others’ clever energetic imaging technologies—of the more subtle energetic layers of reality.  But for those of us without such abilities or technologies, we have common-sense and intuition.

If you see someone who has undergone terrible trauma—emotional, psychological pain—you witness the effects on their physical body. Addicts often exhibit signs of physical ‘weathering’ even if there has been no direct damage to the physical tissues of the body.

Look in the mirror when you are feeling down, ashamed, hurt. Observe your physical stamina and health when your ‘energy levels’ are low.

How about feeling energy levels? Not just your own energy levels but the energy levels of others...people and spaces. Sometimes we can sense the phenomenon that Dr. Oldfield is demonstrating in his talk.

Now observe PeapodLife ecosystems. Lush, green, colourful, vibrant, healthy. Natural. Organic. Even without Dr. Oldfield’s revolutionary imaging equipment, standing in the vicinity of a PeapodLife ecosystem fills you with a sense of positive, vibrant, vital life force.

Until we get our hands on one of Dr. Oldfield’s camera filters and start documenting the energy of our ecosystems, you’ll just have to contact us and find out where you can experience it first hand for yourself.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Simplicity the key to Detoxification: Toronto Naturopath offers Sound Advice

Image: Dr. Tara Marcinkowski ND, photo by Stephanie Pimentel ; Wheat Field
“Eat simply, breathe easy, shed your burdens, reconnect to your body”
~ Dr. Tara Marcinkowski ND
Whether you’re knee-deep into a detox program or not, we think simplifying your life is always a good step toward lasting well-being. To that end, Dr. Tara Marcinkowski ND offers five actions to consider:
  1. Creating a vision of your ideal health and life,
  2. Evaluating your use of technology,
  3. Taking a good look at your schedule,
  4. Purging your possessions, and
  5. Examining your relationships.

This is just the kind of sound advice and guidance one gets from a Naturopathic Doctor (ND). While it is true that in recent years conventional allopathic medicine has begun to put greater emphasis on prevention of disease, they are still very much focused on treatment.

Naturopathic medicine’s attention is paid more to maintaining health and balanced well-being rather than treating disease. For PeapodLife, the distinction is as significant as the old ‘glass half-empty/half-full’ argument. This is why we actively work with Naturopathic doctors and wellness clinics, putting our ecosystems into their facilities to support their work with patients.

Sick Building Syndrome is a very serious problem. It is hardly possible to pursue a naturopathic approach to wellness without considering the health of our living spaces.
  • Our best efforts to simplify our lives and detoxify our bodies may prove insufficient if we are exposed to complex VOC’s and toxic chemicals due to poor indoor air quality.
  • Overexposure to technology is often compounded by a lack of immersion in nature.
  • Disharmony in relationships between people often reflect their disharmonious relationships to their environment—a constant pervasive stress which they may not even be aware of, but that expresses itself through outbursts of anger, frustration, fear, anxiety, and more.

PeapodLife’s indoor ecosystems change all that. Developed over 30+ years, our indoor ecosystems are the epitome of symbiosis and harmony. They represent the highest expression of nature, radiating revitalizing energies while at the same time calming and soothing stressed-out nerves. Last but not least, ecosystems produce fresh clean air and scrub the atmosphere of toxins and VOC’s.

Simply put, PeapodLife offers you a healthy indoor environment in which you can exercise all of your naturopath’s good advice to even greater effect; a sanctuary which naturally supports the naturopathic approach to health and well-being; a sophisticated expression of nature’s beauty, harmony and simplicity.

Ask your naturopathic doctor and/or wellness clinic about PeapodLife today.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Endless Summer Inside! With a Rainforest Ecosystem Sanctuary

Endless summer indoor with rainforest ecosystem PeapodLife
Image: Sunny Rainforest 
“If it could only be like this always – always summer, always alone, the fruit always ripe and Aloysius in a good temper...”
Evelyn Waugh, Brideshead Revisited *
Summer may be fast drawing to a close, but the fresh air and vitality of the outdoors doesn’t have to come to an end.

Be it your home, practice, wellness centre, office, school or other space in which you spend a large proportion of your time, you, your family, clients, co-workers, et al could be basking in the continuous glow of a vibrant rainforest ecosystem from PeapodLife.

As the leaves begin turning colours outside, egged on by the chilly autumn breezes blowing in from the northwest, you could be cozying up to a bright blast of fresh greenery and blooming exotic flowers…your very own sanctuary from the looming signs of impending winter ahead.

Allow the fresh air bellowing from your ecosystem to fill your lungs with the fullness of life; gentle trickle of water relaxes you and soothes away any lingering stress from the day; bountiful foliage, vivid flowers and lush moss infuse you with a sense of renewal and you recharge your very soul.

It’s no fantasy. PeapodLife brings the dream of endless summer to life with air up to ten times fresher and cleaner than outside, and a vibrant energy that turns any space into a summertime sanctuary from the bitter cold and fickle seasons outdoors—particularly here in Canada.
“Summer will end soon enough, and childhood as well.”
George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones *

Don’t delay. Soon the leaves will be turning colours, you’ll be knee-deep raking and yard work in preparation for winter, and before you know it, the snows will come and you’ll be wondering whatever happened to those endless summer afternoons.
“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.”
Henry James *

Those summer afternoons need not fade into the autumn mists of mere memory. Your endless summer fantasy adventure begins today at www.peapodlife.com.

* All Quotations Sourced from: goodreads.com: Quotes About Summer

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Presenting GenesisEcoFund.org: Advocate for Advanced Human Habitat

GenesisEcoFund.org: Advanced Habitat for Advanced Humans
Image: Advanced Habitat for Advanced Humans by Genesis Eco Fund 

“In the spirit of the proverbial Garden of Eden…Advanced Human Habitat…a platform for greater achievements and the actualization of our inherent potential.”
~ genesisecofund.org: Genesis Eco Fund: Mandate

It is with great pleasure that we introduce Genesis Eco Fund for Advanced Human Habitat.

This organization will serve as the not-for-profit arm of PeapodLife. We are excited by this announcement, as it will give PeapodLife greater reach, and provide the public another vehicle with which to engage, explore and understand the importance of reducing the toxicity of indoor environments and enhancing the spaces in which they live, work, play, learn and heal.

Amongst its activities are research and development, education, advocacy and relief for and community building around Advanced Human Habitat (AHH).

At the heart of AHH are ecosystems. At the heart of Genesis is Ecosystem Relief, a program intended to offer financial incentives to health care centres, special needs schools and other organizations who might not be able to afford indoor ecosystem technologies.

Genesis advances the capabilities of AHH via R&D, including partnerships with academic institutions, NGO’s and other organizations, and industry to explore integration of ecosystems into buildings and other green technologies.

Education and Community Building are critical to Genesis’ mandate, since coming generations will require the best possible environments to support them as they reach beyond the limits of our understanding. 

PeapodLife is proud to support Genesis Eco Fund, with a portion of every ecosystem sold going to Genesis.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

St. Jacob’s Farmer’s Market, Samurai Swords and Grandma’s Cooking: What do they have in common? Realizing what we’ve lost after they’re gone.

Image: Waterloo fire crews were called out overnight to battle a major blaze at St Jacobs Market just outside the city, Monday, Sept. 2, 2013. (Brent J.W. Mackie)
Source: kitchener.ctvnews.ca: An overnight fire destroys St. Jacobs Farmers Market building
“Grandma’s cooking is the worst”
~ Said No One, EVER.
This weekend saw the end of an icon in Southwestern Ontario. The St. Jacob’s Farmer’s Market met its fiery fate under as-yet-unknown circumstances, and an ocean of emotional outpouring.

There are already hash tags, even several facebook groups, including Hope for St. Jacobs Farmers Market.

Considering the Christian Origins of St. Jacob's name, and the faith of so many who relied on the Market for their livelihood, allow us to offer the following sentiment: INRI, Igne Natura Renovatur Integra (Latin: Fire Renews Nature Incessantly).

Everything happens for a reason. The above Facebook page and it's 12,00+ supporters is proof enough that St. Jacob's beacon of wholesome, local, healthy, love-infused food arts and crafts will renew, as God and Nature intended. The reason? We come together awakening to what we had…in the losing of it.

What this incident highlights for PeapodLife is how much we take for granted the precious, priceless things and people in our lives.

So what make people and things priceless? Precious? In a word, love. If you want to be all new-age about it, call it ‘positive energy.’ If you need a secular explanation, call it ‘positive formations in subspace quantum vibrations.’

Image: Grandma's Cooking
Source: bethaneywallace.com: Earl & Other Greys: No, You Have a Lot of Grandmas

No matter what you call it, no one can deny it. Grandma’s cooking was best. Think about it. Did grandma really use the best ingredients? A ‘secret recipe’ that only she knew? Was there really a material scientific basis for the superiority of her cooking?

Let’s face it: Grandma had nothing on the industrial packaged food or restaurant industries, with their teams of food scientists, neurophysiologists, chemists and product developers engineering every conceivable aspect of the food experience: from sweet & saltiness to crunch factor to ‘mouth feel.’

There is something no factory, no restaurant (no, not even a 5-star chef) can replicate: the love which grandma infused her cooking with…love which was tailor-made for us.

Legend held that every katana (Samurai sword) made by a true master sword maker had its own soul. We know from history that the carbon steel blade was forged by a methodical process of intense heat and pressure for many months by a master sword-smith who apprenticed for many years.

If you recognize the intensity of attention; that is, you have ever ‘felt someone’s penetrating gaze,’ you know that energy flows where attention goes. Children crave attention. So do many animals. And they’ll often take what they can get (misbehaving, since being scolded out of tough love is better than being ignored and receiving no love at all). But there’s the point: attention=adoration. Attention is love.

The master samurai sword maker’s attention and craft work, over months, imbues the sword with that energy. Hold one in your hand, really feel it, and it’s easy to understand why legend held that the sword had a soul. We equate the soul with the source of love. Is it coincidence that the eyes—attention—are the window into the soul?

Image: Korehira Watanabe, one of the remainiang 30 people making living as a swordsmith. 
Source: nordicdenimhouse.com: Nordic Denim House Blog: The Sword Maker by Taavi Kuisma

Grandma’s attention to every detail. Her intention and conviction to prepare something for the family she loves so much…all that went into what she prepared. It’s just in there: the cookies, the cake, the meatloaf, the…whatever!

So it is with PeapodLife. Each and every indoor ecosystem we create is a labour of love. It has to be. We are not sticking plants in vertical racks to make interesting patterns on a giant living pixel board (a ‘slowly dying wall’). We are not drowning them in chemicals or fouling their soil with manure.

No, we are creating a space of love: a platform which allows Mother Nature to not only enter our living spaces—and our lives—in a way never before possible, but to express herself in the highest way possible: pure life energy to bring balance and harmony to otherwise lifeless indoor spaces. 

PeapodLife is our labour of love. Stand in the company of one of our ecosystems—a superorganism—see if you can’t feel the mutual harmony and symbiosis at work; then decide for yourself if it, like the samurai sword, like Grandma’s cooking, is imbued with the stuff of legend.

And so it was with St. Jacob’s Farmer’s Market. It was a space of love. Built by loving hands, filled with loving people, passionate about sharing their love for nature, farming, artisan baking, unique preserves, artful handicrafts, et al. Every morsel of food was imbued with this love energy.

It was also a family. Like so many of our real families, perhaps we took it for granted. Hopefully with its loss, we've all learned not to ever take it for granted again.

As an aside, we at PeapodLife cannot help but wonder if we can apply the same lesson to Mother Nature…before another unfortunate fire comes to remind us.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Do you sweat the Small Stuff? How about the Big Stuff? How Energy Affects our Emotional & Mental Well Being.

Nervous Breakdown photo by Lyod
Image: “Nervous Breakdown” by Lyod
Source: photobucket.com: Spaga_2009: media: DREAM: Nervous Breakdown

Ecosystems Help Maintain Psychological Well-Being

Imagine you’ve had “one of those days.” It starts out slow and dull after a long night of tossing and turning (the neighbourhood cats decided to have a social outside your bedroom window). You pine for a cup of java, but find you’ve run out of instant coffee cups. After scraping the charred bits off of some burnt toast (someone left the setting on “scorched earth”), you hear the time on the radio…7:55.

That’s when it hits you: you forgot you had an 8:30am meeting downtown today.

You LEAP into action (read: panic) mode: run through a frighteningly icy shower (the landlord is “still working on that”), throw on some kinda-sorta-ironed clothes and race for the car.

The traffic seems as if it was going backwards. Every light bleeds crimson. The clock in your car advances feverishly. You curse Einstein and his Law of Relativity (“time and space are not constant. Fine. But why do they always seem to work against me!?”).

You realize you’d better call your boss to let him her know you’re going to be late. That’s when you realize you left your phone in the den next to the fish tank.

Arriving late and somewhat dejected, you have no choice but to pick the flat-rate $40 parking garage in the luxury hotel, and still have to drive 5 levels down past row upon row of luxury sedans, sports cars and SUVs…their obnoxiously enormous headlamps and grills sneering at your pre-owned subcompact.

The remaining 30-minutes of the meeting go awkwardly. The potential client is stand-offish at best and hostile at worst. “But thanks for the late breakfast.”

Your boss is not impressed.

You collect your car; head to the office. There you are met by a mountain of emails needing your reply. Your thoughts turn to the “Missed Call” counter ticking up on your phone; messages hungrily gobbling up your limited voicemail box capacity. You wonder if fish can spontaneously develop telephone skills. Maybe they could have bike courier break into your place and bring you your phone?

What if that “special friend” you met recently is trying to call? What if your mother is trying to call? “Hmm...maybe leaving the phone at home was a blessing in disguise,” you muse to yourself.

Then it happens: your computer just stops. And no, re-booting the system will not get it to start.

Several hours of dealing with your own I.T. department (“Ned”), navigating automated phone systems, desperately trying to speak to—and be understood by—technical support somewhere in South Central/Eastern Asia, only to have to take your unit into a repair depot where after a 20-minute test it’s confirmed you’ll need a new hard drive. “Why couldn’t someone tell me that to begin with!?”

Don’t worry, eventually you do make it home: an empty apartment (except for some fish and a cell phone filled with missed calls and voicemails), an empty fridge, coupons for delivery pizza and/or Chinese food, hundreds of channels of trash on the TV, and countless webpages online to numb you to sleep (at least, you would have, if the Internet wasn’t on the fritz. Your landlord says “the ISP is supposed to be working on that.”)

Just then, deciding to clean out your voicemail box, you get the message from your “special friend.” They’ve met someone else and can’t see you anymore.

That’s the last straw: a seething rage erupts from inside! Your entire body seizes up with an intense eruption of energy, completely taking hold of you, and in a split second of explosive impulsiveness, you watch as your arm hurls your smartphone against the wall, smashing the glass on your favourite limited edition print, ripping the photo beneath.

Observe yourself right now, in this moment. We all know the feeling of having “one of those days.” The question is how do we handle such days?

Do we let each “little thing” get to us, however imperceptibly? What happens after the second, third, fourth…tenth “little thing?” Do we sweat the little things just enough that they add “another straw” to the camel’s back?

There really is no difference between a “little thing” and a “big thing.” Psychologically speaking, the small stuff and the big stuff are the same: something that didn’t go our way; an unexpected outcome which upset our expectations (it’s our expectations which cause the upset).

Often, we identify “big stuff” based on our reaction. However, in the above story, clearly the reaction was related to all the small stuff which occurred during the day. The straw that breaks the camel’s back takes the heat for everything, but it was just another in a series of incremental increases in negative energy.

So what does any of this have to do with PeapodLife and ecosystems?

Imagine if you had an ecosystem at home and at work. Imagine a lush, green indoor environment filled with fresh clean air—like being in a rainforest or outside in nature after a fresh summer rain. Reread the above story and after each paragraph add the following:

Then you look at the ecosystem: it’s lush moss, beautiful bromeliads, delicate orchids, at once vibrant and soothing. You take a long, deep breath of the pure, fresh, clean air. You close your eyes for just a moment and take in the delicate calming sound of trickling water. “Life is good,” you think to yourself.

Image by PeapodLife: Custom Living Wall Ecosystem brings soothing nature into an office space.

Now imagine children at school. Employees at work. Parents in the retirement home. Patients in the dental clinic. Clients in the spa. Imagine all those little barbs of negative energy being dissolved, moment by moment, instead of building up inside.

The power of nature to help us maintain balanced mental well-being is priceless. That’s the power of PeapodLife.