Tuesday, 30 July 2013

What do GMO’s and Child Sex-Trafficking Have in Common?

Published by CBC Player | Jul 29, 2013 | 2:51

Backpage.com Controversy offers a Harsh but Objective Analysis of “Exploitation”

"Conviction is worthless unless it is converted into conduct."
~ Thomas Carlyle
Source: BrainyQuote.com: Quotes: Thomas Carlyle

Forget about putting money where our mouth is, as the above quote by Thomas Carlyle suggests, we convert conviction into conduct. It’s our mantra. But every now and then, those convictions are questioned, and they deserve an appropriate response.

Recently someone posted a comment on our facebook page: “How do you feel about GMO fruits and vegetables?” As it happens, yesterday serendipity delivered us a harsh analogy in the news to describe our feelings toward Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s).

Nature produces a perfectly healthy, beautiful and vibrant population of adult women capable of engaging in responsible consensual relations. But that’s not good enough for some men, is it?

Imagine a world where children are coerced into prostitution, manipulated by all sorts of highly scientific psychological engineering tools to “break their code of ethics” and “encode desirable traits.” They are schooled in techniques, dressed up, packaged, possibly even augmented with cosmetic surgery, and then “licensed” on the open market (in this case, Backpage.com) to a “hungry world”…just like GMO’s.

Deplorable. Disgusting. Pure exploitation. A violation. An abomination. Youth Sex Trade; Genetic Engineering of Organisms, including fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, etc.: both exploit innocent creatures for power and profit; both spit-out thousands of “broken” beings into the world, who end up causing incalculable damage to the environment (natural and/or social) as a direct consequence of the industry which messes them up permanently and irrevocably.  Shame.

GMO’s and child sex-trafficking. When we look objectively at the nature of these two activities, we find they’re on the same page. In this case, Backpage.com, where beautiful works of Mother Nature are turned into abominations by man and his atrocious ego: lust for sex, money, power, domination, et al.

If you’re thinking, “GMOs and child sex-trafficking are not even in the same ballpark!” Consider the question of morality vs. ethics. Our morality is conditioned by the society we live in. What is moral in one time/culture/person is considered immoral by another. But ethics run deep. Ethics are without time, place, or subjectivity. Morality is a product of conditioning. Ethics is the basis of conviction. 

But there is a double-standard at play in the world, and it’s because that double-standard exists (that our children are more precious than all of Mother Nature’s children) that so many heinous crimes go on unchecked.  We like making one heinous crime “worse” than another…makes us feel okay about the one we engage in every day (or hold stock in the companies who do so).

Violation of children. Violation of Divine Mother Nature.  Ethically speaking, they are both deplorable, and should be unacceptable under any circumstances. This type of conduct exhibits a different definition of “conviction”…not the noun, but the VERB…they both deserve to be CONVICTED.

Images: Cartoon of man holding “patent pending” GMO corn. 
Photo of man holding sign which reads: “I paid for sex with a 14-year-old child I found on backpage” Source: Humanitarian Alliance Blog: Bakepage Ad

So now you know how PeapodLife feels about Genetically Modified Organisms and the character of the people who create them, own them, license and trade them.

And no, their “we just provide a service, it’s up to those who use it to be responsible for their actions” defense doesn’t cut it. They are implicated. And so are we. We are not innocent in this matter. After all, we consume GMO foods. And, whether we admit it or not, participate in a hyper sexualized culture. 

Part of the problem is the lack of labeling, awareness, and down-right OUTRAGE. It’s time for us to stand up, be counted and be heard. It helps to band together so many individual voices become a movement: trickles become creeks become tributaries become rivers become the ocean and whips up a hurricane. 

To that end, here’s a special shout-out to the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN):

Image Credits: Bee & Cow saddened by GMO crop 
PeapodLife Logo; 
We Like You icon by Likeable Media 
CBAN Logo;

Check them out and get involved! 

If you like this article, share it with others. 

Let’s start getting mad about all the abominations of nature created at the hands of ego-pursuits!

To learn more about CBAN, visit: www.cban.ca

CBAN on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cban.canadian.biotechnology.action.network

While we’re on the subject, why not check-out The Humanitarian Alliance: http://humanitarianalliance.wordpress.com/

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Livegreen Toronto!

Collage: Livegreen Toronto Festival  
Image Credit: raku.ca: Raku Living Inc: Great Success at Live Green Toronto Festival!

Special Offer on EcoSystems something to Celebrate

Livegreen Toronto is an initiative by the City of Toronto whose purpose is to help Torontonians like you:

Green Your Home, Your Neighbourhood, Kids & Schools, Your Business, get access to Free Membership Card, Events, Awards, & more.

~ City of Toronto: Live Green Toronto

Livegreen Toronto is holding its annual street festival at Yonge-Dundas Square on July 27 from 11-to 9.

Image: Livegreen Toronto Festival
Saturday, July 27; Yonge-Dundas Square
Image Credit:  City of Toronto: Live Green Toronto

Here are the top 5 reasons you should go:
  1. Street market
  2. Kids zone
  4. Free concerts & entertainment
  5. SPECIAL OFFERS on green products & services

 PeapodLife will not be able to join in all the fun this year, but we do have an amazing offer.

Until the end of August, LiveGreen Toronto Members get two year of Biocare included in the price of their ecosystem (that’s a $10,000 value!)

This offer is valid on our Muro and Angolo Rainforest Ecosystems.

Have a blast at this year’s Livegreen Toronto Festival!, and take advantage of this incredible chance to get even more value from PeapodLife!

“Be More Relaxed, Aware, Healthy, Human...AHH!

  • Breathe fresh air 10x cleaner than outside.
  • Be more productive, creative, calm, effective.
  • Enjoy the beauty & vitality of a rainforest.
“The world's first & only rainforest living wall ecosystem

  • Grow lush moss, bromeliads, orchids & more.
  • Marvel at your evolving ecosystem for decades.
  • Low-maintenance & no plant replacement costs.
“No other so-called "living walls" & "green buildings" compare

  • Custom, hand-built, Canadian-made.
  • 2-Year Warranty.
  • SPECIAL OFFER! 2-Years onsite BioCare included.”
Source: peapodlife.com

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Royal Baby Hype? Celebrate True Greatness within All Life!

Image: Montage illustrating the mania surrounding the news that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Kate and William) of the British royal family are now parents of a boy, Prince of Cambridge.
vs. Image: Picture of bees pollinating flowers with quote by photographer Betsy Secton, “In nature, I feel the miracle of life. In life—all life—even tiny, buzzing life, I feel their passion, love, and soul.”

As a good Canadian Company based in Toronto, I suppose it’s PeapodLife’s duty to welcome the Prince of Cambridge into the world. 

Congratulations Kate and William, you’ve accomplished what countless trillions of life forms do each and every day without fanfare, 24-hour cable news coverage, and 62-gun salutes. Huzzah!

Is this what we’ve come to as a society? Are we so unable to feel the inherent greatness within the miracle of life itself that we seek to consume feigned greatness in celebrities, sports heroes, rock-star CEO’s, and yes, so-called royals?

Greatness comes from within: a great spirit expressing itself and forging a life of sacrifice in the crucible of challenges better known as the world.  Greatness is not a “royal womb” from which one is physically born into it. Sorry little Prince Cambridge (who will, at the time of this writing, remain nameless).

We look to nature for inspiration. There are three aspects in nature: birth, death and sacrifice. While monarchies seem fixated on the birth and death bit, “sacrifice” becomes a watered-down idea of “service.” What service, exactly? At best: sentimental nostalgia for “a long time ago, in a land far, far away…” At worst: mass distraction, hype, hysteria.

Unfortunately, there is no antibiotic available for Royal Baby Fever.

Monarchies were supposed to embody important symbolism about upright thoughts, words and actions, meant to inspire and instruct. Sadly, these symbols were terribly misunderstood (Arthurian legends, specifically), and the result is today’s lingering fairy-tale circus side-show.

PeapodLife says: turn off the television. Put down the tablet. Set the smartphone to silent. Relax. Breathe. Spend some time with nature. Immerse yourself in what’s real. Forget the false promises of misunderstood traditions which satisfy our taste for greatness by proxy. Instead, seek out authentic sources of true greatness “out there” which help us connect to our own true greatness “in here.”

We can help. With an indoor ecosystem you can surround yourself with life, not hype. An authentic rainforest living wall from PeapodLife will feed your senses with beauty, your lungs with pure fresh air, and your soul with wonder and warmth…enduring warmth to last beyond the reign of any monarch.  

Sorry, little Prince Cambridge. The television may say you’re great. But our hearts tell us the kind of greatness people really need to experience in their lives these days: it’s not on the telly…it’s within their own hearts. It’s in the hearts of untold thousands of children born into the world each day without so much as a clean swaddling cloth to great them, let alone a silver spoon and 62-gun salute.

PeapodLife salutes them. The forgotten; the unheralded; the unglamorous; the uncelebrated, the humble. We celebrate you.

Go and face the challenges of this world under your own unique banner of poise and grace. Seek true strength and beauty in others and your surroundings so that you may awaken courage within your heart and resolve in your mind and body to live a life of sacrifice for them and all beings.

Go ahead…be truly great.  

Prince Cambridge, that goes for you too. Dare to live up to the hype, no matter what “the family” says.

Attila Lendvai

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Heat Wave in Toronto: Time for Local Cooling

Collage: Heat Wave - Time for Local Cooling

 Relief from the Heat - Put an Ecosystem with Water-Feature in Your Home

As Ontario enters its fourth consecutive day of near record-breaking temperatures and humidity, people are looking to all sorts of measures to try and keep cool in the heat.

It’s true that most will turn to air conditioning. Unfortunately, the strain that is putting on the power grid is enormous.

And while people moan about air-conditioning being “recycled air” the reality is a great volume of air is exchanged with the outside, in accordance with building codes. The result is an enormous loss in efficiency, as cooled-down air is exchanged for hot, humid air from outside (the reverse is true in winter).

So what does any of this heat-wave, energy-related issues have to do with an ecosystem?

Consider having a beautiful, soothing, cooling rainforest ecosystem complete with water feature. Apart from the obvious psychological benefits, this ecosystem will generate fresh, crisp, clean air constantly throughout the day, scrubbing the air of particulates and chemicals. Read: anti-smog; anti-haze.

With the ability to generate clean, fresh air inside, the need to exchange vast quantities of air from the outside is unnecessary. A building designed (or retrofitted) to use PeapodLife ecosystem technology can seal off its HVAC system and generate its own fresh air.

Once the building is cooled down, it indeed “recycles” its own air, but that air is constantly being scrubbed and freshened from within. Over time it becomes cleaner than the air outside (especially in the city, on hot, hazy, humid days), and stays cooler and more comfortable.

The bottom line: clean, healthy and economical relief from the heat is possible thanks to indoor ecosystem technology.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

"The Birds and the Bees" are Essential to Our Survival

Screenshot Image: Ever wonder why we should protect the bees? 
Take a look at this image. 
To prove a point, Whole Foods in Providence, RI temporarily removed all produce dependent on pollinators.
Image Source: Facebook | Timeline Photos | Organic Consumers Association | #SaveTheBees

So why all the hub-bub about bees? 

Well, if the above image isn’t reason enough to consider preserving our busy-little pollinating super-bugs, consider this:

Image: Bees pollinate at least 130 different crops in the US alone, including fruits, vegetables and tree nuts. 

We are alive in part thanks to the honey bee. Bees have been the silent partner (well okay MOSTLY silent, apart from some buzzing) in the agricultural revolution that makes civilization even possible.

Imagine losing 1/3 of our food supply! That risk is real. 
Why? Because the honey bee is under threat.

According to SumOfUs Campaign: Help support our bold plan to save the bees,
"The bees are vanishing, and the pace is accelerating. We finally know the reason behind it, but powerful corporations are profiting off the very chemical — a nastly class of pesticides known as neonicotinoids — putting our ecosystem at risk, and they’re fighting like hell to hide the truth.”
~ SumOfUs Action: Save the bees from the pesticide that's wiping them out
There are other factors which have been contributing to bee colony collapse disorder, including the introduction of foreign parasites which were promptly distributed among the whole of the U.S. bee colony population thanks to the annual California almond industry pollination.
"Migratory beekeepers drive their hives 28,000 miles each year to provide pollination around the country. Apart from the absurdity of driving around flying insects that have evolved to explore neighborhoods, this annual California gathering creates a vast bee bordello where viruses, parasites and bacteria can be nationally propagated."
~ Dan Friedman
Source: Forward.com: 'Queen of the Sun,' an Illuminating Film That Explores Havoc in the Hives
To hear about this is one thing, to watch the story unfold before your eyes is another, and is one of the merits of the beautifully shot film, Queen of the Sun: What Are the Bees Telling Us?

QUEEN OF THE SUN: What Are the Bees Telling Us? is a profound, alternative look at the global bee crisis from Taggart Siegel, director of THE REAL DIRT ON FARMER JOHN...
Posted by Collectiveeye 

And, as always, we are to blame. Humanity. Short-sighted, selfish, ignorant humanity. And we are all culpable.

Rather than support nature, its precious ecosystems, and the hard-working creatures that perform their duty without question and without fail, WE FAIL in our duty and all of nature suffers. Careful!

If you learn enough about this issue, you might just get angered enough to do something about it.

You can start right now by visiting SumofUs.org and making a small donation:
"We're raising money to send in a swarm of beekeepers to the world's largest independent garden store conference, to make a persuasive, personal pitch to the very men and women who decide what pesticides are stocked on store shelves nationwide."
~ SumOfUs Action: Chip in to help beekeepers fight the pesticide industry's propaganda

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Rainforest Ecosystem vs. “Green Bling”

Image: Living Wall Ecosystem w/ Turtle Pond vs. Typical “Vertical Garden”

New York Times warns: “A lot of living walls fail.”

If you’ve followed our blog for any length of time, you know we’ve said it before: competitors’ so-called “living walls” are just plain wrong. They do not work.

Even the New York Times seems to agree to some extent.

Although their article, “Gardens That Grow on Walls” outlines many of the benefits of typical vertical gardens and green walls, including aesthetics, air purification, etc., they make it clear that misconceptions about these “green architectural features” outweigh reality.

“A lot of living walls fail.”
~ Martha Desbiens, VertNY (landscape design firm).

Why? There are really too many reasons to list. But it comes down to this simple truth: unless a living wall is part of an ecosystem, it is 100% unnatural, unsustainable, and ultimately unhealthy for the indoor environment.

Why? There are simply too many variables at work for a human being to manage to keep plants in a typical living wall healthy, and the only feedback mechanism they have is plant illness and mortality.

“It’s like having a large poodle,” Mr. Kastan said. “You have to take care of it, feed it, walk it. It’s intensive care for plants.”

A rainforest ecosystem, on the other hand, takes care of its own plants. Sure, PeapodLife performs BioCare maintenance every two or three months (depending on the size, complexity and makeup of the ecosystem), but it’s truly maintenance.

The competitions’ so-called “maintenance” involves mostly plant-replacement due to plants dying off in their soil-based or hydroponic systems. The problems with dying plants are manifold: mold, VOC’s, high plant replacement costs, and an aesthetically awful feature over time.

PeapodLife living wall ecosystems are capable of running for decades with practically zero plant mortality or replacement costs. PeapodLife works with the inventor of the living wall ecosystem and is backed by over 30 years of real-world success stories. Rainforest ecosystems are the only way to go.

So Why? Why do people continue to invest their time, money and energy in so-called “living walls” and “vertical gardens” that attempt to circumvent nature’s way—ecosystems—instead of working with it?

“People want green bling…[they] think, ‘It looks beautiful and perfect, and I want something beautiful and perfect in my life.’”
~ Marguerite Wells, Motherplants, (nursery)
Source: NYTymes.com: Gardens That Grow on Walls

People want “perfection on the cheap.” They try saving some bucks up front for something that looks good for a few days after installation, and in the end pay ten times more living with the shortcomings of an inexpensive and ultimately unviable and unsustainable solution. Just like the name suggests, it’s just a “green fa├žade.” It’s perfection in appearance only.  

Look to our blog article on Nature’s Perfection and you will begin to appreciate the natural beauty and dynamic, changing, evolving aesthetics of a genuine high-order rainforest ecosystem in your home or business. Growing, responding to the energies in your space, managing itself in its effort to be the most perfect expression of itself: a creator and sustainer of life.

It’s the difference between “green bling” and the real, authentic, deep-down beauty of nature. Truly alive, truly healthy, completely relaxing and invigorating. PeapodLife is closer to the “Garden of Eden” than any so-called “vertical garden” will ever hope to be.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

19 Firefighters Die in Yarnell Hill Wildfire

YouTube Video: ABC World News Now : 19 Firefighters Dead in Yarnell Hill Wildfire
Gusty, hot winds blew an Arizona blaze out of control in a forest northwest of Phoenix killing 19.
Published by ABCNews

Young “Hot Shots” Sacrifice their Lives Protecting Communities & Nature

Every now and then we face a tragedy that reveals the fragility of our community, the terrible power of nature to renew itself, and the remarkable courage and sacrifice of those facing the latter in defense of the former.

The events of the past 24 hours in Yarnell Hill, Arizona have seen just such an exchange of fierce supremacy and unshakeable determination in the face of incalculable danger.

For the family and friends of the fallen heroes, we here at PeapodLife extend our thoughts, prayers and deepest condolences. Your sons, brothers, husbands, partners and friends have crossed a river of fire into the Light…literally. Know that their ultimate sacrifice will not go unrewarded.

At times such as these we may question many things about ourselves and our world. Are we living on a hostile, unforgiving planet after all?  What was the purpose of such a tragedy?  What sense can we possibly make of all this suffering? Yes, even as the fires rage in Arizona; our minds; our hearts.

But it is precisely at these times of questioning—doubt, fear, anguish—that we should remember there are three constants we can observe in nature: birth, death and sacrifice. These constitute the miraculous circle of life and love. They embody the abundance we enjoy. They define for us what is truly precious.

These 19 young “Hot Shots” were indeed precious: to the communities and the countryside they swore an oath to protect; to their loved ones; to all who knew them in anonymity and have come to know them in infamy. Theirs is the most precious of all of nature’s constants: sacrifice.

In their death, there is greater purpose than any of us can begin to understand, just as in their life was encapsulated a value no words can do justice.

Forget your “Men’s Health” magazine covers. Ignore your “Chanel for Men” advertisements. These 19 were REAL men. Bold. Strong. Fearless. Selfless. Each a lion’s share of life ahead of him; every last one a lionheart.

Let their sacrifice show us the way to the truth: that the fires that matter most burn within our hearts.
Let this so-called tragedy be more than a blip on the evening news.
Let its lessons blaze a trail in our consciousness that we may walk it.
Let these 19 warriors of Light live on in our thoughts, words and deeds.
Let the firefight of selflessness and sacrifice carry on in our hearts and our minds, with Grace.

YouTube Video: Leann Rimes - Amazing Grace 
Published by Fausto Caravati