Thursday, 26 April 2012

Peapod Life: Applications for Better Living

Collage: Applications for Better Living Images Credit: MS Office Clip Art 
“Gone are the days of dead structures providing shelter for living things.  Now is the time for living structures that support life…all life…Peapod Life.” Our Motto
So you know Peapod Life builds indoor garden living spaces, right? And you probably also know we can build you a Peapod Life extension and/or addition to your home. Great! But is that it? Is that the limit of Peapod Life’s technology? Far from it.
Peapod Life designs indoor garden living spaces for many applications: residential, commercial, institutional, public, non-profit. Its standardized modular bio-structure can be scaled, configured and customized with any combination of plants and enabling technologies to accommodate your social, environmental and economic needs.
Let’s consider some building applications for Peapod Life:
Residential: Build your entire house or cottage using Peapod Life’s biostructural indoor ecosystem. Add an affordable guest suite to your home and show your guests how much you care for providing them a healthy space. Move your kitchen inside a Peapod.
Health & Wellness: Stress reduction is the key to health, happiness and productivity. Invigorate your health and wellness program, practice or business by adding Peapod Life to your building. Give your employees, patients or customers an on-site sanctuary space like no other: cafeteria, lounge, exercise room, yoga/meditation studio, relaxing spa/treatment room, and much more.
Hospitality Industry: Hotel, restaurant, lounge, cafĂ©, tea-room, banquet hall…imagine patrons enjoying organic fare grown and picked before their eyes as they enjoy the Peapod Life courtesy of your business.
Education: Plants stimulate the senses, improve concentration and make for a better environment. Add indoor organic gardening part of your curriculum: teach valuable life skills and instill a renewed sense of “connection” for future generations. More advanced students? Think hydroponics.
Community / Not-for-Profit: Imagine a communal space that can be used in a myriad different ways, 365 days a year, all the while contributing valuable electricity and organic food to the community. Meeting hall, meditation centre, food share/swap site, recital hall…imagine a living space supporting your community.
At Peapod Life, our motto is pretty simple: gone are the days of dead structures providing shelter for living things. Now is the time for living structures that support life…all life…Peapod Life.

Attila Lendvai VP of Strategic Development
Wo-Built Inc. - Innovative Design and Build

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Peapod Life featured on eieihome

Screenshot: eiei home features Peapod Life at 2012 Toronto National Home Show, Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place;
Image Credit: eiei home
"It is at once beautiful and eco-friendly."
It seems there’s still more to share about the National Home Show, 2012! One month ago, eiei home featured Wo-Built and Peapod Life on the first page of their show coverage, complete with photos.
They called Peapod Life "at once beautiful and eco-friendly," and highlighted the fact that Wo-Built’s system "uses a minimal amount of space to produce fantastic edible results."
Read the whole article, National Home Show & Canada Blooms Part 1, here.
And that wasn’t all. They also published a feature article on Wo-Built and its founding partners, Martina Ernst and Elida Huignard, simply entitled: Wo-Built Inc: The Vision Builder.
Wo-Built was pleased to have eiei home feature it and Peapod Life on their site, the place to find qualified reliable renovators, read unbiased reviews, articles and blogs, receive expert advice, share your home improvement experiences, cash in on promotions, deals, money-saving offers, and even online contests.
With all the fantastic response we are getting to Peapod Life, we are looking forward to building our first examples for residential, commercial and non-profit and/or community applications! Look for updates on these and other areas on soon.
Attila Lendvai VP of Strategic Development
Wo-Built Inc. - Innovative Design and Build

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Peapod Life a Big Hit at Home and Green Living Shows

It wasn’t easy doing the National Home Show and Green Living Show back-to-back within the span of a month, but it was worth it.  The response to Peapod Life™ was understandably positive, but frankly, it bordered on being almost overwhelming.  And we have the numbers to prove it.

Consumer Response to Green Additions with Indoor Organic Gardens

1. National Home Show 2012

We spent a total of ten days at the National Home Show, and, and conducted a survey in our booth.  After individuals learned about Peapod Life™ and what makes it unique among green home systems, they were given an opportunity to complete a market survey which asked them their opinion on the product.

On the question, “Overall, what is your reaction to indoor garden living space and green technologies?,” out of 106 respondents, none chose “Poor” or “Fair.”  A mere 3% responded with “Good,” while 31% said “Very Good,” and an incredible 66% said “Excellent.”

This chart shows that a broad sample of the general public had a favorable reaction to the foundations of Peapod Life™. 
Wo-Built's Peapod Life™ Survey Data at the National Home Show
Reaction to Peapod Life & Sample Make-up by Age Group Charts
2012 @

2. Green Living Show

We didn’t bother with surveys at the Green Living Show.  We felt the sample over three days would be too small and skewed in favor of our eco-friendly additions.  As expected, the response was even more enthusiastic than among attendees of the National Home Show.

At the Green Living Show, Wo-Built really was in its element with Peapod Life™.  The response was amazing.  Both exhibitors and attendees alike saw their imaginations sparked at the prospect of a building that goes beyond “net-zero” construction into “net-positive” territory: generating solar power and growing organic food while providing fully useable, naturally lit and high-energy living space.  

Gone are the days of dead structures providing shelter for people.  Peapod Life™ represents a new era of living structures that support life—inside and outside.  That’s how Wo-Built defines green additions, healthy buildings, and eco-friendly living.

Attila Lendvai
VP of Strategic Development