Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Peapod Life redefines Green Building at Green Living Show

Discover Peapod Life, the world’s first fully integrated indoor garden living space at Wo-Built Inc.'s booth  from April 13th through 15th at the Green Living Show.

Peapod Life was launched by Wo-Built, Inc. at the National Home Show to overwhelming positive response. We anticipate an even warmer response after introducing Peapod Life to consumers and organizations on the cutting edge of Eco-living.

Peapod Life is great for growing organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, teas, medicinal, floral and/or decorative plants.  This capability is significant to individuals interested in eating organic, local produce.  In your own home...what could be more organic and local than that?

Peapod Life and minimizes its overall environmental footprint by integrating ultra-high efficiency Serious Windows, solar power and rainwater capture for watering plants.  The unique all-glass design, living walls and living windows results in a standard 15' x 18' Peapod Life providing 222 square feet of useable living space and 230 square feet of useable growing space.  This combined space utilization is currently exclusive to Peapod Life and not possible in any typical greenhouse or solarium.   

Glass extensions and green additions are just the tip of the iceberg.  In the coming days leading up to the Green Living Show, Peapod Life will be introducing commercial applications for Peapod Life and reveal the extent to which it is revolutionizing green buildings...

Until recently, buildings have been dead structures providing shelter to living things inside.  Peapod Life envisions living structures that support living things inside and outside.

Peapod Life is roughly the same cost as a standard addition, but has the benefits of comfortable, useable living space and viable indoor garden space.  Why would anyone settle for an old-world building philosophy / methodology / system when the future of organic food and off-grid energy security is here?

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