Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Something is Rotten in the State of the World; time to go SEE Revolution!

To cap-off Earth Week 2013, go watch Revolution this weekend; then take a long hard look at the state of your planet, your choices and whether you want “to be or not to be.”

Published by revolutionmovie2012 on Mar 19, 2013 

Shakespeare is rolling over in his grave. Never in the history of this humanity has the phrase, “to be or not to be,” ever been more poignant. And yet, when young Canadian marine biologist, ecological activist, and filmmaker Rob Stewart—a modern day Hamlet if we’ve ever seen one—gives us a call to Revolution, the mainstream state reveals how truly rotten it is.

Rotten Tomatoes, the popular meta-review site, does not even feature Revolution on the homepage despite it still playing in theatres. 

Image: Screenshot of Rotten Tomatoes homepage, captured April 23, 2013
Note the “Find” bar at the bottom of the window. The search term “revolution” highlighted in pink, and the browser’s response: “Phrase Not Found.” Note also the red maple leaf in the logo; the Canadian version of the site. 

Searching Rotten Tomatoes for the film Revolution is no help. It simply doesn’t register. Why not? With the help of a Google search, we did find the following page:

Image: Screenshot of Rotten Tomatoes entry for “Revolution (2013)” captured April 23, 2013.
Note “No Score Yet…” Only 4 Critic Reviews, 3 “Fresh” (positive), 1 “Rotten” (negative), with 100 User Ratings.  Still, there is no “Audience Score” listed, only “75% want to see” which doesn’t reflect all the 4 and 5-star ratings users have been giving the film.
Source: http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/771317231/ 

What is going on here!? Revolution won awards at the Vancouver, Victoria, Santa Barbara, Atlantic, and Toronto International Film Festivals! Are there not more than four film critics in this country? Where is the media play this film deserves? How about its young, passionate and charismatic director?

IMDb.com lists 9 External Reviews for Revolution. As for User Ratings, IMDb reveals an overwhelming 56.5% of audience members gave the film a score of 10/10. 80% gave it a 7/10 or better. Still, the published “weighted average” comes out to only 5.1 out of 10!? (The actual arithmetic mean is 8.1).

Image: Screenshot of IMDb's User ratings for Revolution (2012/II) captured April 23, 2013

IMBd’s explaination for their weighted average score policy is this:

“Various filters are applied to the raw data in order to eliminate and reduce attempts at 'vote stuffing' by individuals more interested in changing the current rating of a movie than giving their true opinion of it.” 

I guess IMDb doesn’t consider the possibility that a majority of people feel passionately about the film. Are there forces at work aligned against the Revolution we all need to see and take to heart?

Rob Stewart found his funding sources dried up when they discovered what the film was about. Revolution frames the horrors of the tar sands with aboriginal and youth activism. The film shows desperate youth calling for action and reveals the stark silence and callous inaction of governments and big business. Coincidence?  Something smells rotten to PeapodLife…and it’s not tomatoes.

Is the most important documentary on the impacts of climate change since The Inconvenient Truth being muzzled? Swept under the carpet by the powers of State and multinational interests, just as they have done with the toxic pollutants causing the problems in the first place?

Ultimately, it comes down to us: the free-thinkers and doers and the power of the Internet. Watch the Ted-Talk, below. Share this blog entry with all your family & friends. Help them take a cold, deep dive into the state of the oceans, our future, those in control and ask if they want “to be or not to be.”

Let’s not allow this modern-day Hamlet to end in tragedy.

"... In his talk, Rob Stewart speaks about the need for a revolution to challenge the status quos of our political and economic systems to save our environment and ultimately our world. "We are going to make it as a civilization, or break it."
Published by TEDxYouthToronto on Apr 8, 2012

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Fertilizer Plant Explosion near Waco Texas is a Firey WAKE-UP CALL!

"Explosions rocked a fertilizer plant in West, Texas, Wednesday evening as firefighters were battling a fire, causing multiple injuries, authorities said..."
Published by zidyboby on Apr 17, 2013

SEE and STOP the MADNESS & embrace Holistic Ecosystemic Organic Agriculture

The amateur video taken yesterday is of an anhydrous ammonia fertilizer plant near Waco, Texas.  Here’s a sobering quote from Wikipedia:

"Ammonia or azane … Although in wide use … is both caustic and hazardous. The global production of ammonia for 2012 is anticipated to be 198 million tonnes,[7] a 35% increase over the estimated 2006 global output of 146.5 million tonnes.[8]"

Wikipedia also says it “contributes significantly to the nutritional needs of terrestrial organisms,” but that is only the case when it is in harmonious holistic union with other compounds which counter-balance its hazardous nature.

When it is separated from the other essential compounds which hold it in holistic balance, its inherent hazardous nature is very likely to express itself. See for yourself:

"The blast destroyed 60 to 80 houses, officials said. It reduced a 50-unit apartment complex to what one local official called “a skeleton standing up” and left a horrific landscape of burned-out buildings and blackened rubble.”

Amid such devastation, the death toll remained a rough estimate of five to 15 people, Swanton said. He said more than 160 people were injured and that number was likely to rise."

"Ground motion from the blast registered as a magnitude 2.1 seismic tremor and created a jolt felt 130 km away in Dallas, the U.S. Geological Survey reported."

When we take a materialist, reductive, crude, intellectually antiquated and barbaric approach to nature, we create agents of death and destruction.

We extract highly dangerous and volatile compounds from their natural state (in harmonious balance and holistic union in the natural order of things) and then try to re-assemble them in new and novel ways, with no comprehension of the consequences of our actions.

Let this explosion near Waco be the WAKE-UP CALL we need: Anhydrous Ammonia is NOT natural! It’s true nature is death and destruction. Carnage. And that nature was expressed in no uncertain terms. The videos and photos do not lie! 

That "death energy" is exactly what gets expressed when chemical fertilizers are spread over our food, only the effect is diffused and spread out over a large area and longer period of time, very similar to a nuclear reactor which achieves "controlled" release of radiation and energy over time, as opposed to a nuclear explosion. Nonetheless, in either case the harmful radiation is still produced! 

It’s Time to Embrace Holistic Ecosystemic Organic Agriculture

PeapodLife believes it’s time we stop treating Mother Nature as our own personal Legoland. The fundamental building blocks of life are NOT there to be toyed with, disassembled and rearranged on the whims of a highly mechanical materialist approach (science and technology as we know it).

Rather, Peapod knows the time has come for us to embrace a new science. A science of harmony and balance. A science not of reductive reasoning but a science of expansiveness of awareness; we need Technology which doesn’t reinvent the wheel; rather, it creates on the mighty shoulders of creation itself: the archetypes, shapes, patterns, mathematics and geometries found throughout nature.

Image: Mandala
Image Credit: deviantart.com: Mandala by digitalreflexion

And this applies to more than just science: politics, economics, art, literature. By realigning ourselves with the fundamental matrix of the cosmos (which is not material at all but conscious and energetic), we will blow the doors wide open on our limited and frustrated view of reality and ourselves.

By embracing science and technology which supports and involves the ecosystem, we will get closer to comprehending its true nature: collective interrelated symbiosis in a constant flow of exchanging energies.

Let us stop the madness of explosions and revolutions "out there." The explosion and revolution we need is within our own consciousness. Start with Quantum Physics. It’s a good start!

Still stuck on materialist scientific dogma? Watch this:

Quantum Physics & Consciousness with Dr. Amit Goswami Ph.D.
Published by DTVCZ4 on Nov 21, 2012

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

REVOLUTION – the Film about Changing the World Gives a Call to Action PeapodLife is Answering

"Startling, beautiful, and provocative, Revolution inspires audiences from across the globe to start a revolution and change the world forever."
Published by revolutionmovie2012 on Feb 25, 2013

New study shows large majority of people worldwide wholly support ocean sustainability. Do you? http://virg.in/rev
~ Richard Branson Google+ April 15, 2013 7:47 AM

In Revolution, Toronto filmmaker Rob Stewart trains his camera lens and dramatic, emotional storytelling talents squarely on the ultimate subjects of every great tragedy: humanity.

Acclaimed filmmaker Rob Stewart is once again swimming with Sharks. Only this time, the creatures in danger include everyone sitting in the theatre. Literally.

Stewart’s 2007 film Sharkwater was universally acclaimed by both critics and audiences (scoring 79% and 88% respectively on Rotten Tomatoes “Tomatometer”). One could see how general audiences, although moved and wowed by the gorgeous cinematography and passionate storytelling might not warm up to creatures which are regularly featured on television as cold-blooded, bloodthirsty killers.

In Revolution, Stewart trains his camera lens and dramatic, emotional storytelling talents squarely on the ultimate subjects of every great tragedy: humanity.

"In the past, we thought we had to save the polar bears, we thought we had to save the environment. But it's about us, it's about OUR future."
Revolution - Open Your Eyes Trailer

Here is a link to an interview with Rob Stewart at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival: Revolution 2012 TIFF Interview. It is clear from the passion and determination in his voice that this Toronto, Canada-born marine biologist was born for this. 

But he also seems a little tired and drained after the 4 years it took to film his second feature-length documentary. So is he ready for the REAL sharks (the ones running the show)? Listen to him describe his struggle to raise money for Revolution, even after his success with Sharkwater!

PeapodLife recognizes all the efforts of filmmakers, authors, poets, artists, activists, organizations, volunteers and everyday heroes all over the world fighting the good fight for Divine Mother Nature.  She is under real threat: the precious rare jewel of a planet we call home, all the creatures of the earth, and yes, us…her children (and we are children: from our behavior, that much is clear).

We need a new kind of support: PeapodLife: technology, ecology and humanity like peas in a pod - Advanced Human Habitat!

We need a new kind of support. We need a new kind of life support. We need a life support system that will create not only advanced habitat for humans, but also habitat for advanced humans. We Need Advanced Human Habitat.

We need to recognize our connection to the existing life support system on this planet. The real Revolution is to change the way we see science and technology: not as a means to control, command, dissect and exploit Mother Nature, but to support, comprehend, and align with her life-giving and conscious-raising capabilities.

We need a new kind of “lifepod.” Not the life-pod of 2001: A Space Odyssey, and other sci-fi films, with artificial life support systems, mechanized bio-systems, ecological bio-chemical systems, cybernetic systems, genetically modified organisms…all of which is trying to make its mark in the world.

We need PeapodLife: technology, ecology and humanity like peas in a pod, in accordance with 11 billion years of Mother Nature’s organizational evolutionary genius: ECOSYSTEMS.  By supporting that life support system, we will be making a real revolution: the revolution against the part of ourselves which insists we are not a part of Mother Nature.

But we are. She is the peapod in PeapodLife. The BEST life lies within her nurturing womb…Advanced Human Habitat…PeapodLife. And who knows? After sometime living in PeapodLife, we might even emerge from that nurturing habitat as truly Advanced Humans.

Image Montage: PeapodLife - Advanced Human Habitat - 
Life Support System (Habitat) for Advanced Humans 
Image Credits: Real Human Being by Davinci: Critical Discipleship - Marriage as Human Nature by Karl Hand Hand  +

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Ecosystems deserve a little TLC

Keeping Moss in check on a Living Wall EcoSystem, Photos by PeapodLife.com
Photos: PeapodLife: Keeping Moss in check on a Living Wall EcoSystem

Tender loving care.

Why BioCare is so Important to Maintaining a Healthy and Vibrant Living Wall Ecosystem

Nothing of value which provides an invaluable service can run perpetually without maintenance of some kind. Be it your car which requires regular oil changes, your garden which requires pruning, lawn care, weeding, etc., or even your body which needs quite a lot of TLC, taking care of things so they look and work as intended is crucial. This holds true for PeapodLife Building Ecosystems & Technology as well.

Every service begins with the basics, including changing the reverse osmosis filters and checking all the mechanical and electrical systems to ensure they are operating properly.

Let’s face it: to be able to put high-order ecosystems indoors requires nothing short of a life support system. Any breakdown in the technology will result in major suffering and death in the ecology. This is not an option for PeapodLife.

Cleaning Out Smaller “Umbilical” EcoSystems, Photos by PeapodLife.com
Photos: PeapodLife: Cleaning Out fallen foliage from one of several Smaller “Umbilical” EcoSystems

Unlike the competition, whose idea of regular maintenance of their so-called “living walls” (often every month) includes replacing dead plants, PeapodLife’s BioCare program is every two to three months, and is focused mostly on diagnostics, preventative maintenance, and servicing life support systems (as mentioned).

Preventative maintenance not only costs less, it supports the strength, health and vitality of the ecosystem and prevents unnecessary plant and fish mortality. The result is a much healthier environment for you.

A typical maintenance will be anywhere from two to five hours, depending on the size, scope and complexity of the ecosystem(s) in question.

The photos in this article were taken during a service of Bodystream in Barrie, Ontario.

Maintaining a Healthy & Vibrant Living Wall, Photos by PeapodLife.com
Photo: PeapodLife: Maintaining a Healthy & Vibrant Living Wall Ecosystem

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The "Perfect" Atmosphere for Health & Wellness

PeapodLife @ Bodystream Health & Wellness Centre in Barrie, Ontario, Photos 2013
Photos: PeapodLife @ Bodystream Health & Wellness Centre

Ecosystem Supports Bodystream’s Customers & Business

In addition to meeting the needs of their clientele, smart businesspersons try to make their place of business as inviting, pleasant and comfortable as possible. This is especially true for the hospitality industry, and even more so for health and wellness.

In the following video, Brian Warner, owner of Bodystream Health & Wellness Centre in Barrie, Ontario describes how their ecosystem supports their business by providing customers with a superior atmosphere which is “perfect” for health and wellness.

In this short interview with Bodystream owner Brian Warner, we hear how the ecosystem provides superior air quality, "perfect 50/50 humidity" and contributes to a superior environment which keep his customers feeling fresh, relaxed, invigorated, and perhaps most importantly, satisfied and coming back on a regular basis. Shot on location at Bodystream, 51 King Street in Barrie, Ontario.
Published by PeapodLife

The above video was shot in front of one of several smaller “umbilical systems” (or satellite ecosystems, below left) which are connected to a large central system (below, right) which features an enormous living wall, waterfall, water features, fish, and more.

PeapodLife @ Bodystream Health & Wellness Centre in Barrie, Ontario, Photos 2013
Photos: PeapodLife @ Bodystream Health & Wellness Centre

The video, below, shows off the dynamic waterfall and lush moss of the large living wall ecosystem which not only creates a dramatic effect as people enter the space, it cleans and freshens the air and supports a positive atmosphere full of vitality: perfect for any health & wellness centre.

Get intimate with Mother Nature in this short video of a Living Wall EcoSystem at Bodystream Health & Wellness Centre in Barrie, Ontario. You can see the lush foliage and moss thriving, and can almost feel the fresh clean air bellowing off of the living wall, fed by living water as it trickles down around the plants and over the waterfalls. In truth, the video can't replace being there and experiencing it in person. You really do get a sense that a PeapodLife Living Wall EcoSystem brings the very best mother nature gives us indoors, to help you be at your very BEST. 
Published by PeapodLife

The positive impact of the ecosystem on the quality of space creates an ongoing visceral effect which clients can feel, “even if they can’t quite put their finger on it,” and keeps them coming back to experience it again and again: perfect for any business.

The following two photos showcase some of the beautiful flowers and orchids which thrive in the large ecosystem and umbilical units.

PeapodLife @ Bodystream Health & Wellness Centre in Barrie, Ontario, Photos 2013
Photos: PeapodLife @ Bodystream Health & Wellness Centre

In short, PeapodLife living wall and umbilical ecosystems provide a lush, beautiful addition to your home or business. But far more than just a pretty indoor garden, or stylish green design statement, PeapodLife living wall ecosystems are engines for better air, living water, revitalizing atmosphere, even organic food production.

PeapodLife Building EcoSystems & Technology is a life support system…but not just any kind of life, Your BEST Life…“AHH!”

You might be interested in knowing more about Bodystream Health & Wellness Centre:

bodystream.ca: Bodystream Green Statement
bodystream.ca: PeapodLife interviews Brian Warner of Bodystream about Living Wall
facebook.com: BodyStream Lifestyle Wellness Clinic in Barrie
tacomaengineers.com: Barrie Chamber of Commerce Honours Bodystream the Green Project Award
"People are amazed at our efforts when we take them on a tour. From our water recycling system and dedication to energy-savings through the use of a hydronic heating to our indoor rainforest – Bodystream is committed to leading the Health & Wellness Industry by implementing Green Initiatives that minimize the impact of our daily activities on the environment” Debbie Burke, CEO of Bodystream International.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Real Estate Developers and Investors Marvel at Indoor Ecosystem

PeapodLife's Team at The Property Show, Toronto, 2013, photo by Olga Goubar
Photo: PeapodLife's Team @ The Property Show 
Toronto, The Hyatt Regency, March 30, 2013
2013 @ peapodLife.com

Property Show 2013 Showcases Advanced Human Habitat for Real Estate Community 
Hyatt Regency Hotel on King Street West in Toronto, Saturday, March 30th 

The PeapodLife team was in force at the complete with a pPodLite self-contained ecosystem on-hand for architects, investors, developers, interior designers, and more to experience up-close and personal.

“Gorgeous!” Many attendees also marveled at the wonderful assortment of rainforest flora and fauna, including bromeliads courtesy of Valleyview Gardens, orchids and even moss. The waterfall provided soothing sounds and aquatic plants and fish from Menagerie Pet Shop rounded out all the stunning elements of natural beauty.

PeapodLife's Presentation at The Property Show, Toronto, 2013, photo by Olga Goubar
Photo: PeapodLife's Presentation @ The Property Show 
Toronto, The Hyatt Regency, March 30, 2013
2013 @ peapodLife.com

PeapodLife Project Director, Attila Lendvai, gave a 45-minute presentation “How to Add More Green to Your Portfolio.”  His talk highlighted the opportunities for real estate investors, particularly condo developers, to increase the value of their property portfolios with the help of PeapodLife.

Some of the value-added benefits for property include the cleanest freshest air, living water and most organic local food imaginable.  All this, thanks to the ecosystem, designed and built by PeapodLife's Strategic Partner Genetron Systems.

PeapodLife's EcoSystem at The Property Show, Toronto, 2013, photo by Olga Goubar
Photo: PeapodLife's EcoSystem @ The Property Show 
Toronto, The Hyatt Regency, March 30, 2013
2013 @ peapodLife.com

“I can really feel it!” That was the universal response felt by all those who experienced the ecosystem in the flesh. The clean fresh air radiating off the pPodLite unit could be felt vividly within a few feet of the ecosystem.

We explained that while the convention space was too large and open for one pPodLite to freshen up, it would take only a few hours for it to fill a smaller space like condo, small home, living room, rec room, etc. with fresh, clean air.

PeapodLife EcoSystem's Orchid at The Property Show, Toronto, 2013, photo by Olga Goubar
Photo: PeapodLife EcoSystem's Orchid @ The Property Show 
Toronto, The Hyatt Regency, March 30, 2013
2013 @ peapodLife.com

“The photos are nice, but they really don’t do the ecosystem justice.” Many commented on the difference they felt compared to the rest of the hotel convention rooms, and the impact pPodLite had on them after having experienced it firsthand could not be overstated. 

“You know where they need one of these…?” Was another common response. We had people from all walks of life telling us the positive effect they could feel would be perfect for hospitals, health spas, centers for kids with special needs, and so much more. 

All in all, it was a wonderful day for all of us here at PeapodLife. We met a lot of truly great people, each as vibrant and unique as the orchids leaping from the pPodLite ecosystem.

Special Thanks to…

PeapodLife would like to acknowledge pPodLite Show Sponsors Valleyview Gardens and Menagerie Pet Shop who are Strategic Partners and suppliers of PeapodLife Advanced Human Habitat. 

We would also like to thank Kelly and Robert from The Property Show for their fine planning and labours to ensure our 2013 Property Show was the BEST (Building EcoSystems & Technology)!