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Fertilizer Plant Explosion near Waco Texas is a Firey WAKE-UP CALL!

"Explosions rocked a fertilizer plant in West, Texas, Wednesday evening as firefighters were battling a fire, causing multiple injuries, authorities said..."
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SEE and STOP the MADNESS & embrace Holistic Ecosystemic Organic Agriculture

The amateur video taken yesterday is of an anhydrous ammonia fertilizer plant near Waco, Texas.  Here’s a sobering quote from Wikipedia:

"Ammonia or azane … Although in wide use … is both caustic and hazardous. The global production of ammonia for 2012 is anticipated to be 198 million tonnes,[7] a 35% increase over the estimated 2006 global output of 146.5 million tonnes.[8]"

Wikipedia also says it “contributes significantly to the nutritional needs of terrestrial organisms,” but that is only the case when it is in harmonious holistic union with other compounds which counter-balance its hazardous nature.

When it is separated from the other essential compounds which hold it in holistic balance, its inherent hazardous nature is very likely to express itself. See for yourself:

"The blast destroyed 60 to 80 houses, officials said. It reduced a 50-unit apartment complex to what one local official called “a skeleton standing up” and left a horrific landscape of burned-out buildings and blackened rubble.”

Amid such devastation, the death toll remained a rough estimate of five to 15 people, Swanton said. He said more than 160 people were injured and that number was likely to rise."

"Ground motion from the blast registered as a magnitude 2.1 seismic tremor and created a jolt felt 130 km away in Dallas, the U.S. Geological Survey reported."

When we take a materialist, reductive, crude, intellectually antiquated and barbaric approach to nature, we create agents of death and destruction.

We extract highly dangerous and volatile compounds from their natural state (in harmonious balance and holistic union in the natural order of things) and then try to re-assemble them in new and novel ways, with no comprehension of the consequences of our actions.

Let this explosion near Waco be the WAKE-UP CALL we need: Anhydrous Ammonia is NOT natural! It’s true nature is death and destruction. Carnage. And that nature was expressed in no uncertain terms. The videos and photos do not lie! 

That "death energy" is exactly what gets expressed when chemical fertilizers are spread over our food, only the effect is diffused and spread out over a large area and longer period of time, very similar to a nuclear reactor which achieves "controlled" release of radiation and energy over time, as opposed to a nuclear explosion. Nonetheless, in either case the harmful radiation is still produced! 

It’s Time to Embrace Holistic Ecosystemic Organic Agriculture

PeapodLife believes it’s time we stop treating Mother Nature as our own personal Legoland. The fundamental building blocks of life are NOT there to be toyed with, disassembled and rearranged on the whims of a highly mechanical materialist approach (science and technology as we know it).

Rather, Peapod knows the time has come for us to embrace a new science. A science of harmony and balance. A science not of reductive reasoning but a science of expansiveness of awareness; we need Technology which doesn’t reinvent the wheel; rather, it creates on the mighty shoulders of creation itself: the archetypes, shapes, patterns, mathematics and geometries found throughout nature.

Image: Mandala
Image Credit: Mandala by digitalreflexion

And this applies to more than just science: politics, economics, art, literature. By realigning ourselves with the fundamental matrix of the cosmos (which is not material at all but conscious and energetic), we will blow the doors wide open on our limited and frustrated view of reality and ourselves.

By embracing science and technology which supports and involves the ecosystem, we will get closer to comprehending its true nature: collective interrelated symbiosis in a constant flow of exchanging energies.

Let us stop the madness of explosions and revolutions "out there." The explosion and revolution we need is within our own consciousness. Start with Quantum Physics. It’s a good start!

Still stuck on materialist scientific dogma? Watch this:

Quantum Physics & Consciousness with Dr. Amit Goswami Ph.D.
Published by DTVCZ4 on Nov 21, 2012

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