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The "Perfect" Atmosphere for Health & Wellness

PeapodLife @ Bodystream Health & Wellness Centre in Barrie, Ontario, Photos 2013
Photos: PeapodLife @ Bodystream Health & Wellness Centre

Ecosystem Supports Bodystream’s Customers & Business

In addition to meeting the needs of their clientele, smart businesspersons try to make their place of business as inviting, pleasant and comfortable as possible. This is especially true for the hospitality industry, and even more so for health and wellness.

In the following video, Brian Warner, owner of Bodystream Health & Wellness Centre in Barrie, Ontario describes how their ecosystem supports their business by providing customers with a superior atmosphere which is “perfect” for health and wellness.

In this short interview with Bodystream owner Brian Warner, we hear how the ecosystem provides superior air quality, "perfect 50/50 humidity" and contributes to a superior environment which keep his customers feeling fresh, relaxed, invigorated, and perhaps most importantly, satisfied and coming back on a regular basis. Shot on location at Bodystream, 51 King Street in Barrie, Ontario.
Published by PeapodLife

The above video was shot in front of one of several smaller “umbilical systems” (or satellite ecosystems, below left) which are connected to a large central system (below, right) which features an enormous living wall, waterfall, water features, fish, and more.

PeapodLife @ Bodystream Health & Wellness Centre in Barrie, Ontario, Photos 2013
Photos: PeapodLife @ Bodystream Health & Wellness Centre

The video, below, shows off the dynamic waterfall and lush moss of the large living wall ecosystem which not only creates a dramatic effect as people enter the space, it cleans and freshens the air and supports a positive atmosphere full of vitality: perfect for any health & wellness centre.

Get intimate with Mother Nature in this short video of a Living Wall EcoSystem at Bodystream Health & Wellness Centre in Barrie, Ontario. You can see the lush foliage and moss thriving, and can almost feel the fresh clean air bellowing off of the living wall, fed by living water as it trickles down around the plants and over the waterfalls. In truth, the video can't replace being there and experiencing it in person. You really do get a sense that a PeapodLife Living Wall EcoSystem brings the very best mother nature gives us indoors, to help you be at your very BEST. 
Published by PeapodLife

The positive impact of the ecosystem on the quality of space creates an ongoing visceral effect which clients can feel, “even if they can’t quite put their finger on it,” and keeps them coming back to experience it again and again: perfect for any business.

The following two photos showcase some of the beautiful flowers and orchids which thrive in the large ecosystem and umbilical units.

PeapodLife @ Bodystream Health & Wellness Centre in Barrie, Ontario, Photos 2013
Photos: PeapodLife @ Bodystream Health & Wellness Centre

In short, PeapodLife living wall and umbilical ecosystems provide a lush, beautiful addition to your home or business. But far more than just a pretty indoor garden, or stylish green design statement, PeapodLife living wall ecosystems are engines for better air, living water, revitalizing atmosphere, even organic food production.

PeapodLife Building EcoSystems & Technology is a life support system…but not just any kind of life, Your BEST Life…“AHH!”

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"People are amazed at our efforts when we take them on a tour. From our water recycling system and dedication to energy-savings through the use of a hydronic heating to our indoor rainforest – Bodystream is committed to leading the Health & Wellness Industry by implementing Green Initiatives that minimize the impact of our daily activities on the environment” Debbie Burke, CEO of Bodystream International.

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