Thursday, 11 April 2013

Ecosystems deserve a little TLC

Keeping Moss in check on a Living Wall EcoSystem, Photos by
Photos: PeapodLife: Keeping Moss in check on a Living Wall EcoSystem

Tender loving care.

Why BioCare is so Important to Maintaining a Healthy and Vibrant Living Wall Ecosystem

Nothing of value which provides an invaluable service can run perpetually without maintenance of some kind. Be it your car which requires regular oil changes, your garden which requires pruning, lawn care, weeding, etc., or even your body which needs quite a lot of TLC, taking care of things so they look and work as intended is crucial. This holds true for PeapodLife Building Ecosystems & Technology as well.

Every service begins with the basics, including changing the reverse osmosis filters and checking all the mechanical and electrical systems to ensure they are operating properly.

Let’s face it: to be able to put high-order ecosystems indoors requires nothing short of a life support system. Any breakdown in the technology will result in major suffering and death in the ecology. This is not an option for PeapodLife.

Cleaning Out Smaller “Umbilical” EcoSystems, Photos by
Photos: PeapodLife: Cleaning Out fallen foliage from one of several Smaller “Umbilical” EcoSystems

Unlike the competition, whose idea of regular maintenance of their so-called “living walls” (often every month) includes replacing dead plants, PeapodLife’s BioCare program is every two to three months, and is focused mostly on diagnostics, preventative maintenance, and servicing life support systems (as mentioned).

Preventative maintenance not only costs less, it supports the strength, health and vitality of the ecosystem and prevents unnecessary plant and fish mortality. The result is a much healthier environment for you.

A typical maintenance will be anywhere from two to five hours, depending on the size, scope and complexity of the ecosystem(s) in question.

The photos in this article were taken during a service of Bodystream in Barrie, Ontario.

Maintaining a Healthy & Vibrant Living Wall, Photos by
Photo: PeapodLife: Maintaining a Healthy & Vibrant Living Wall Ecosystem

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