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REVOLUTION – the Film about Changing the World Gives a Call to Action PeapodLife is Answering

"Startling, beautiful, and provocative, Revolution inspires audiences from across the globe to start a revolution and change the world forever."
Published by revolutionmovie2012 on Feb 25, 2013

New study shows large majority of people worldwide wholly support ocean sustainability. Do you? http://virg.in/rev
~ Richard Branson Google+ April 15, 2013 7:47 AM

In Revolution, Toronto filmmaker Rob Stewart trains his camera lens and dramatic, emotional storytelling talents squarely on the ultimate subjects of every great tragedy: humanity.

Acclaimed filmmaker Rob Stewart is once again swimming with Sharks. Only this time, the creatures in danger include everyone sitting in the theatre. Literally.

Stewart’s 2007 film Sharkwater was universally acclaimed by both critics and audiences (scoring 79% and 88% respectively on Rotten Tomatoes “Tomatometer”). One could see how general audiences, although moved and wowed by the gorgeous cinematography and passionate storytelling might not warm up to creatures which are regularly featured on television as cold-blooded, bloodthirsty killers.

In Revolution, Stewart trains his camera lens and dramatic, emotional storytelling talents squarely on the ultimate subjects of every great tragedy: humanity.

"In the past, we thought we had to save the polar bears, we thought we had to save the environment. But it's about us, it's about OUR future."
Revolution - Open Your Eyes Trailer

Here is a link to an interview with Rob Stewart at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival: Revolution 2012 TIFF Interview. It is clear from the passion and determination in his voice that this Toronto, Canada-born marine biologist was born for this. 

But he also seems a little tired and drained after the 4 years it took to film his second feature-length documentary. So is he ready for the REAL sharks (the ones running the show)? Listen to him describe his struggle to raise money for Revolution, even after his success with Sharkwater!

PeapodLife recognizes all the efforts of filmmakers, authors, poets, artists, activists, organizations, volunteers and everyday heroes all over the world fighting the good fight for Divine Mother Nature.  She is under real threat: the precious rare jewel of a planet we call home, all the creatures of the earth, and yes, us…her children (and we are children: from our behavior, that much is clear).

We need a new kind of support: PeapodLife: technology, ecology and humanity like peas in a pod - Advanced Human Habitat!

We need a new kind of support. We need a new kind of life support. We need a life support system that will create not only advanced habitat for humans, but also habitat for advanced humans. We Need Advanced Human Habitat.

We need to recognize our connection to the existing life support system on this planet. The real Revolution is to change the way we see science and technology: not as a means to control, command, dissect and exploit Mother Nature, but to support, comprehend, and align with her life-giving and conscious-raising capabilities.

We need a new kind of “lifepod.” Not the life-pod of 2001: A Space Odyssey, and other sci-fi films, with artificial life support systems, mechanized bio-systems, ecological bio-chemical systems, cybernetic systems, genetically modified organisms…all of which is trying to make its mark in the world.

We need PeapodLife: technology, ecology and humanity like peas in a pod, in accordance with 11 billion years of Mother Nature’s organizational evolutionary genius: ECOSYSTEMS.  By supporting that life support system, we will be making a real revolution: the revolution against the part of ourselves which insists we are not a part of Mother Nature.

But we are. She is the peapod in PeapodLife. The BEST life lies within her nurturing womb…Advanced Human Habitat…PeapodLife. And who knows? After sometime living in PeapodLife, we might even emerge from that nurturing habitat as truly Advanced Humans.

Image Montage: PeapodLife - Advanced Human Habitat - 
Life Support System (Habitat) for Advanced Humans 
Image Credits: Real Human Being by Davinci: Critical Discipleship - Marriage as Human Nature by Karl Hand Hand  +

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