Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Energy Fields Revealed: Harry Oldfield lifts the Veil on our Energetic Reality

This presentation filmed at the Glastonbury Symposium includes photographic and video evidence of unseen energetic fields, human energy, chakras, ‘entities’ and more. 
Published by happyduckuk

In the above video, author, inventor and scientist Dr. Harry Oldfield presents some of the more notable inventions, research and observations of the past 30 years as an investigator of unseen energy.

As astounding as all this is to PeapodLife, what grabbed our attention in the above video segment (at 9:20 in part 1/11 of this video series), was Dr. Oldfield’s observation that to see energy ‘phantoms’ in plants, they must be “100% organically grown.” He goes on to say…
“If it has seen chemical fertilization anytime in its growing life period you will only get partial phantoms.”
~ Dr. Harry Oldfield, Presentation Video, Glastonbury

This statement, backed up with decades of direct observations and research by one of the most notable scientists in the field, offers a whole different perspective on PeapodLife.

Life does not spring forth from the material world; it is, in fact, the reverse: it is the physical world which is 100% dependent on energy. Quantum physicists know this to be 100% factual. What we experience on the physical plane is merely the crude, superficial dimension of more subtle foundations of reality.

One can be given a direct glimpse—through clairvoyance, awakening of consciousness, and even Dr. Oldfield’s and others’ clever energetic imaging technologies—of the more subtle energetic layers of reality.  But for those of us without such abilities or technologies, we have common-sense and intuition.

If you see someone who has undergone terrible trauma—emotional, psychological pain—you witness the effects on their physical body. Addicts often exhibit signs of physical ‘weathering’ even if there has been no direct damage to the physical tissues of the body.

Look in the mirror when you are feeling down, ashamed, hurt. Observe your physical stamina and health when your ‘energy levels’ are low.

How about feeling energy levels? Not just your own energy levels but the energy levels of others...people and spaces. Sometimes we can sense the phenomenon that Dr. Oldfield is demonstrating in his talk.

Now observe PeapodLife ecosystems. Lush, green, colourful, vibrant, healthy. Natural. Organic. Even without Dr. Oldfield’s revolutionary imaging equipment, standing in the vicinity of a PeapodLife ecosystem fills you with a sense of positive, vibrant, vital life force.

Until we get our hands on one of Dr. Oldfield’s camera filters and start documenting the energy of our ecosystems, you’ll just have to contact us and find out where you can experience it first hand for yourself.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Simplicity the key to Detoxification: Toronto Naturopath offers Sound Advice

Image: Dr. Tara Marcinkowski ND, photo by Stephanie Pimentel ; Wheat Field
“Eat simply, breathe easy, shed your burdens, reconnect to your body”
~ Dr. Tara Marcinkowski ND
Whether you’re knee-deep into a detox program or not, we think simplifying your life is always a good step toward lasting well-being. To that end, Dr. Tara Marcinkowski ND offers five actions to consider:
  1. Creating a vision of your ideal health and life,
  2. Evaluating your use of technology,
  3. Taking a good look at your schedule,
  4. Purging your possessions, and
  5. Examining your relationships.

This is just the kind of sound advice and guidance one gets from a Naturopathic Doctor (ND). While it is true that in recent years conventional allopathic medicine has begun to put greater emphasis on prevention of disease, they are still very much focused on treatment.

Naturopathic medicine’s attention is paid more to maintaining health and balanced well-being rather than treating disease. For PeapodLife, the distinction is as significant as the old ‘glass half-empty/half-full’ argument. This is why we actively work with Naturopathic doctors and wellness clinics, putting our ecosystems into their facilities to support their work with patients.

Sick Building Syndrome is a very serious problem. It is hardly possible to pursue a naturopathic approach to wellness without considering the health of our living spaces.
  • Our best efforts to simplify our lives and detoxify our bodies may prove insufficient if we are exposed to complex VOC’s and toxic chemicals due to poor indoor air quality.
  • Overexposure to technology is often compounded by a lack of immersion in nature.
  • Disharmony in relationships between people often reflect their disharmonious relationships to their environment—a constant pervasive stress which they may not even be aware of, but that expresses itself through outbursts of anger, frustration, fear, anxiety, and more.

PeapodLife’s indoor ecosystems change all that. Developed over 30+ years, our indoor ecosystems are the epitome of symbiosis and harmony. They represent the highest expression of nature, radiating revitalizing energies while at the same time calming and soothing stressed-out nerves. Last but not least, ecosystems produce fresh clean air and scrub the atmosphere of toxins and VOC’s.

Simply put, PeapodLife offers you a healthy indoor environment in which you can exercise all of your naturopath’s good advice to even greater effect; a sanctuary which naturally supports the naturopathic approach to health and well-being; a sophisticated expression of nature’s beauty, harmony and simplicity.

Ask your naturopathic doctor and/or wellness clinic about PeapodLife today.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Endless Summer Inside! With a Rainforest Ecosystem Sanctuary

Endless summer indoor with rainforest ecosystem PeapodLife
Image: Sunny Rainforest 
“If it could only be like this always – always summer, always alone, the fruit always ripe and Aloysius in a good temper...”
Evelyn Waugh, Brideshead Revisited *
Summer may be fast drawing to a close, but the fresh air and vitality of the outdoors doesn’t have to come to an end.

Be it your home, practice, wellness centre, office, school or other space in which you spend a large proportion of your time, you, your family, clients, co-workers, et al could be basking in the continuous glow of a vibrant rainforest ecosystem from PeapodLife.

As the leaves begin turning colours outside, egged on by the chilly autumn breezes blowing in from the northwest, you could be cozying up to a bright blast of fresh greenery and blooming exotic flowers…your very own sanctuary from the looming signs of impending winter ahead.

Allow the fresh air bellowing from your ecosystem to fill your lungs with the fullness of life; gentle trickle of water relaxes you and soothes away any lingering stress from the day; bountiful foliage, vivid flowers and lush moss infuse you with a sense of renewal and you recharge your very soul.

It’s no fantasy. PeapodLife brings the dream of endless summer to life with air up to ten times fresher and cleaner than outside, and a vibrant energy that turns any space into a summertime sanctuary from the bitter cold and fickle seasons outdoors—particularly here in Canada.
“Summer will end soon enough, and childhood as well.”
George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones *

Don’t delay. Soon the leaves will be turning colours, you’ll be knee-deep raking and yard work in preparation for winter, and before you know it, the snows will come and you’ll be wondering whatever happened to those endless summer afternoons.
“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.”
Henry James *

Those summer afternoons need not fade into the autumn mists of mere memory. Your endless summer fantasy adventure begins today at www.peapodlife.com.

* All Quotations Sourced from: goodreads.com: Quotes About Summer

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Presenting GenesisEcoFund.org: Advocate for Advanced Human Habitat

GenesisEcoFund.org: Advanced Habitat for Advanced Humans
Image: Advanced Habitat for Advanced Humans by Genesis Eco Fund 

“In the spirit of the proverbial Garden of Eden…Advanced Human Habitat…a platform for greater achievements and the actualization of our inherent potential.”
~ genesisecofund.org: Genesis Eco Fund: Mandate

It is with great pleasure that we introduce Genesis Eco Fund for Advanced Human Habitat.

This organization will serve as the not-for-profit arm of PeapodLife. We are excited by this announcement, as it will give PeapodLife greater reach, and provide the public another vehicle with which to engage, explore and understand the importance of reducing the toxicity of indoor environments and enhancing the spaces in which they live, work, play, learn and heal.

Amongst its activities are research and development, education, advocacy and relief for and community building around Advanced Human Habitat (AHH).

At the heart of AHH are ecosystems. At the heart of Genesis is Ecosystem Relief, a program intended to offer financial incentives to health care centres, special needs schools and other organizations who might not be able to afford indoor ecosystem technologies.

Genesis advances the capabilities of AHH via R&D, including partnerships with academic institutions, NGO’s and other organizations, and industry to explore integration of ecosystems into buildings and other green technologies.

Education and Community Building are critical to Genesis’ mandate, since coming generations will require the best possible environments to support them as they reach beyond the limits of our understanding. 

PeapodLife is proud to support Genesis Eco Fund, with a portion of every ecosystem sold going to Genesis.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

St. Jacob’s Farmer’s Market, Samurai Swords and Grandma’s Cooking: What do they have in common? Realizing what we’ve lost after they’re gone.

Image: Waterloo fire crews were called out overnight to battle a major blaze at St Jacobs Market just outside the city, Monday, Sept. 2, 2013. (Brent J.W. Mackie)
Source: kitchener.ctvnews.ca: An overnight fire destroys St. Jacobs Farmers Market building
“Grandma’s cooking is the worst”
~ Said No One, EVER.
This weekend saw the end of an icon in Southwestern Ontario. The St. Jacob’s Farmer’s Market met its fiery fate under as-yet-unknown circumstances, and an ocean of emotional outpouring.

There are already hash tags, even several facebook groups, including Hope for St. Jacobs Farmers Market.

Considering the Christian Origins of St. Jacob's name, and the faith of so many who relied on the Market for their livelihood, allow us to offer the following sentiment: INRI, Igne Natura Renovatur Integra (Latin: Fire Renews Nature Incessantly).

Everything happens for a reason. The above Facebook page and it's 12,00+ supporters is proof enough that St. Jacob's beacon of wholesome, local, healthy, love-infused food arts and crafts will renew, as God and Nature intended. The reason? We come together awakening to what we had…in the losing of it.

What this incident highlights for PeapodLife is how much we take for granted the precious, priceless things and people in our lives.

So what make people and things priceless? Precious? In a word, love. If you want to be all new-age about it, call it ‘positive energy.’ If you need a secular explanation, call it ‘positive formations in subspace quantum vibrations.’

Image: Grandma's Cooking
Source: bethaneywallace.com: Earl & Other Greys: No, You Have a Lot of Grandmas

No matter what you call it, no one can deny it. Grandma’s cooking was best. Think about it. Did grandma really use the best ingredients? A ‘secret recipe’ that only she knew? Was there really a material scientific basis for the superiority of her cooking?

Let’s face it: Grandma had nothing on the industrial packaged food or restaurant industries, with their teams of food scientists, neurophysiologists, chemists and product developers engineering every conceivable aspect of the food experience: from sweet & saltiness to crunch factor to ‘mouth feel.’

There is something no factory, no restaurant (no, not even a 5-star chef) can replicate: the love which grandma infused her cooking with…love which was tailor-made for us.

Legend held that every katana (Samurai sword) made by a true master sword maker had its own soul. We know from history that the carbon steel blade was forged by a methodical process of intense heat and pressure for many months by a master sword-smith who apprenticed for many years.

If you recognize the intensity of attention; that is, you have ever ‘felt someone’s penetrating gaze,’ you know that energy flows where attention goes. Children crave attention. So do many animals. And they’ll often take what they can get (misbehaving, since being scolded out of tough love is better than being ignored and receiving no love at all). But there’s the point: attention=adoration. Attention is love.

The master samurai sword maker’s attention and craft work, over months, imbues the sword with that energy. Hold one in your hand, really feel it, and it’s easy to understand why legend held that the sword had a soul. We equate the soul with the source of love. Is it coincidence that the eyes—attention—are the window into the soul?

Image: Korehira Watanabe, one of the remainiang 30 people making living as a swordsmith. 
Source: nordicdenimhouse.com: Nordic Denim House Blog: The Sword Maker by Taavi Kuisma

Grandma’s attention to every detail. Her intention and conviction to prepare something for the family she loves so much…all that went into what she prepared. It’s just in there: the cookies, the cake, the meatloaf, the…whatever!

So it is with PeapodLife. Each and every indoor ecosystem we create is a labour of love. It has to be. We are not sticking plants in vertical racks to make interesting patterns on a giant living pixel board (a ‘slowly dying wall’). We are not drowning them in chemicals or fouling their soil with manure.

No, we are creating a space of love: a platform which allows Mother Nature to not only enter our living spaces—and our lives—in a way never before possible, but to express herself in the highest way possible: pure life energy to bring balance and harmony to otherwise lifeless indoor spaces. 

PeapodLife is our labour of love. Stand in the company of one of our ecosystems—a superorganism—see if you can’t feel the mutual harmony and symbiosis at work; then decide for yourself if it, like the samurai sword, like Grandma’s cooking, is imbued with the stuff of legend.

And so it was with St. Jacob’s Farmer’s Market. It was a space of love. Built by loving hands, filled with loving people, passionate about sharing their love for nature, farming, artisan baking, unique preserves, artful handicrafts, et al. Every morsel of food was imbued with this love energy.

It was also a family. Like so many of our real families, perhaps we took it for granted. Hopefully with its loss, we've all learned not to ever take it for granted again.

As an aside, we at PeapodLife cannot help but wonder if we can apply the same lesson to Mother Nature…before another unfortunate fire comes to remind us.