Thursday, 19 September 2013

Simplicity the key to Detoxification: Toronto Naturopath offers Sound Advice

Image: Dr. Tara Marcinkowski ND, photo by Stephanie Pimentel ; Wheat Field
“Eat simply, breathe easy, shed your burdens, reconnect to your body”
~ Dr. Tara Marcinkowski ND
Whether you’re knee-deep into a detox program or not, we think simplifying your life is always a good step toward lasting well-being. To that end, Dr. Tara Marcinkowski ND offers five actions to consider:
  1. Creating a vision of your ideal health and life,
  2. Evaluating your use of technology,
  3. Taking a good look at your schedule,
  4. Purging your possessions, and
  5. Examining your relationships.

This is just the kind of sound advice and guidance one gets from a Naturopathic Doctor (ND). While it is true that in recent years conventional allopathic medicine has begun to put greater emphasis on prevention of disease, they are still very much focused on treatment.

Naturopathic medicine’s attention is paid more to maintaining health and balanced well-being rather than treating disease. For PeapodLife, the distinction is as significant as the old ‘glass half-empty/half-full’ argument. This is why we actively work with Naturopathic doctors and wellness clinics, putting our ecosystems into their facilities to support their work with patients.

Sick Building Syndrome is a very serious problem. It is hardly possible to pursue a naturopathic approach to wellness without considering the health of our living spaces.
  • Our best efforts to simplify our lives and detoxify our bodies may prove insufficient if we are exposed to complex VOC’s and toxic chemicals due to poor indoor air quality.
  • Overexposure to technology is often compounded by a lack of immersion in nature.
  • Disharmony in relationships between people often reflect their disharmonious relationships to their environment—a constant pervasive stress which they may not even be aware of, but that expresses itself through outbursts of anger, frustration, fear, anxiety, and more.

PeapodLife’s indoor ecosystems change all that. Developed over 30+ years, our indoor ecosystems are the epitome of symbiosis and harmony. They represent the highest expression of nature, radiating revitalizing energies while at the same time calming and soothing stressed-out nerves. Last but not least, ecosystems produce fresh clean air and scrub the atmosphere of toxins and VOC’s.

Simply put, PeapodLife offers you a healthy indoor environment in which you can exercise all of your naturopath’s good advice to even greater effect; a sanctuary which naturally supports the naturopathic approach to health and well-being; a sophisticated expression of nature’s beauty, harmony and simplicity.

Ask your naturopathic doctor and/or wellness clinic about PeapodLife today.

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