Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Energy Fields Revealed: Harry Oldfield lifts the Veil on our Energetic Reality

This presentation filmed at the Glastonbury Symposium includes photographic and video evidence of unseen energetic fields, human energy, chakras, ‘entities’ and more. 
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In the above video, author, inventor and scientist Dr. Harry Oldfield presents some of the more notable inventions, research and observations of the past 30 years as an investigator of unseen energy.

As astounding as all this is to PeapodLife, what grabbed our attention in the above video segment (at 9:20 in part 1/11 of this video series), was Dr. Oldfield’s observation that to see energy ‘phantoms’ in plants, they must be “100% organically grown.” He goes on to say…
“If it has seen chemical fertilization anytime in its growing life period you will only get partial phantoms.”
~ Dr. Harry Oldfield, Presentation Video, Glastonbury

This statement, backed up with decades of direct observations and research by one of the most notable scientists in the field, offers a whole different perspective on PeapodLife.

Life does not spring forth from the material world; it is, in fact, the reverse: it is the physical world which is 100% dependent on energy. Quantum physicists know this to be 100% factual. What we experience on the physical plane is merely the crude, superficial dimension of more subtle foundations of reality.

One can be given a direct glimpse—through clairvoyance, awakening of consciousness, and even Dr. Oldfield’s and others’ clever energetic imaging technologies—of the more subtle energetic layers of reality.  But for those of us without such abilities or technologies, we have common-sense and intuition.

If you see someone who has undergone terrible trauma—emotional, psychological pain—you witness the effects on their physical body. Addicts often exhibit signs of physical ‘weathering’ even if there has been no direct damage to the physical tissues of the body.

Look in the mirror when you are feeling down, ashamed, hurt. Observe your physical stamina and health when your ‘energy levels’ are low.

How about feeling energy levels? Not just your own energy levels but the energy levels of others...people and spaces. Sometimes we can sense the phenomenon that Dr. Oldfield is demonstrating in his talk.

Now observe PeapodLife ecosystems. Lush, green, colourful, vibrant, healthy. Natural. Organic. Even without Dr. Oldfield’s revolutionary imaging equipment, standing in the vicinity of a PeapodLife ecosystem fills you with a sense of positive, vibrant, vital life force.

Until we get our hands on one of Dr. Oldfield’s camera filters and start documenting the energy of our ecosystems, you’ll just have to contact us and find out where you can experience it first hand for yourself.

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