Thursday, 12 September 2013

Presenting Advocate for Advanced Human Habitat Advanced Habitat for Advanced Humans
Image: Advanced Habitat for Advanced Humans by Genesis Eco Fund 

“In the spirit of the proverbial Garden of Eden…Advanced Human Habitat…a platform for greater achievements and the actualization of our inherent potential.”
~ Genesis Eco Fund: Mandate

It is with great pleasure that we introduce Genesis Eco Fund for Advanced Human Habitat.

This organization will serve as the not-for-profit arm of PeapodLife. We are excited by this announcement, as it will give PeapodLife greater reach, and provide the public another vehicle with which to engage, explore and understand the importance of reducing the toxicity of indoor environments and enhancing the spaces in which they live, work, play, learn and heal.

Amongst its activities are research and development, education, advocacy and relief for and community building around Advanced Human Habitat (AHH).

At the heart of AHH are ecosystems. At the heart of Genesis is Ecosystem Relief, a program intended to offer financial incentives to health care centres, special needs schools and other organizations who might not be able to afford indoor ecosystem technologies.

Genesis advances the capabilities of AHH via R&D, including partnerships with academic institutions, NGO’s and other organizations, and industry to explore integration of ecosystems into buildings and other green technologies.

Education and Community Building are critical to Genesis’ mandate, since coming generations will require the best possible environments to support them as they reach beyond the limits of our understanding. 

PeapodLife is proud to support Genesis Eco Fund, with a portion of every ecosystem sold going to Genesis.

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