Tuesday, 2 July 2013

19 Firefighters Die in Yarnell Hill Wildfire

YouTube Video: ABC World News Now : 19 Firefighters Dead in Yarnell Hill Wildfire
Gusty, hot winds blew an Arizona blaze out of control in a forest northwest of Phoenix killing 19.
Published by ABCNews

Young “Hot Shots” Sacrifice their Lives Protecting Communities & Nature

Every now and then we face a tragedy that reveals the fragility of our community, the terrible power of nature to renew itself, and the remarkable courage and sacrifice of those facing the latter in defense of the former.

The events of the past 24 hours in Yarnell Hill, Arizona have seen just such an exchange of fierce supremacy and unshakeable determination in the face of incalculable danger.

For the family and friends of the fallen heroes, we here at PeapodLife extend our thoughts, prayers and deepest condolences. Your sons, brothers, husbands, partners and friends have crossed a river of fire into the Light…literally. Know that their ultimate sacrifice will not go unrewarded.

At times such as these we may question many things about ourselves and our world. Are we living on a hostile, unforgiving planet after all?  What was the purpose of such a tragedy?  What sense can we possibly make of all this suffering? Yes, even as the fires rage in Arizona; our minds; our hearts.

But it is precisely at these times of questioning—doubt, fear, anguish—that we should remember there are three constants we can observe in nature: birth, death and sacrifice. These constitute the miraculous circle of life and love. They embody the abundance we enjoy. They define for us what is truly precious.

These 19 young “Hot Shots” were indeed precious: to the communities and the countryside they swore an oath to protect; to their loved ones; to all who knew them in anonymity and have come to know them in infamy. Theirs is the most precious of all of nature’s constants: sacrifice.

In their death, there is greater purpose than any of us can begin to understand, just as in their life was encapsulated a value no words can do justice.

Forget your “Men’s Health” magazine covers. Ignore your “Chanel for Men” advertisements. These 19 were REAL men. Bold. Strong. Fearless. Selfless. Each a lion’s share of life ahead of him; every last one a lionheart.

Let their sacrifice show us the way to the truth: that the fires that matter most burn within our hearts.
Let this so-called tragedy be more than a blip on the evening news.
Let its lessons blaze a trail in our consciousness that we may walk it.
Let these 19 warriors of Light live on in our thoughts, words and deeds.
Let the firefight of selflessness and sacrifice carry on in our hearts and our minds, with Grace.

YouTube Video: Leann Rimes - Amazing Grace 
Published by Fausto Caravati 

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