Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Royal Baby Hype? Celebrate True Greatness within All Life!

Image: Montage illustrating the mania surrounding the news that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Kate and William) of the British royal family are now parents of a boy, Prince of Cambridge.
vs. Image: Picture of bees pollinating flowers with quote by photographer Betsy Secton, “In nature, I feel the miracle of life. In life—all life—even tiny, buzzing life, I feel their passion, love, and soul.”

As a good Canadian Company based in Toronto, I suppose it’s PeapodLife’s duty to welcome the Prince of Cambridge into the world. 

Congratulations Kate and William, you’ve accomplished what countless trillions of life forms do each and every day without fanfare, 24-hour cable news coverage, and 62-gun salutes. Huzzah!

Is this what we’ve come to as a society? Are we so unable to feel the inherent greatness within the miracle of life itself that we seek to consume feigned greatness in celebrities, sports heroes, rock-star CEO’s, and yes, so-called royals?

Greatness comes from within: a great spirit expressing itself and forging a life of sacrifice in the crucible of challenges better known as the world.  Greatness is not a “royal womb” from which one is physically born into it. Sorry little Prince Cambridge (who will, at the time of this writing, remain nameless).

We look to nature for inspiration. There are three aspects in nature: birth, death and sacrifice. While monarchies seem fixated on the birth and death bit, “sacrifice” becomes a watered-down idea of “service.” What service, exactly? At best: sentimental nostalgia for “a long time ago, in a land far, far away…” At worst: mass distraction, hype, hysteria.

Unfortunately, there is no antibiotic available for Royal Baby Fever.

Monarchies were supposed to embody important symbolism about upright thoughts, words and actions, meant to inspire and instruct. Sadly, these symbols were terribly misunderstood (Arthurian legends, specifically), and the result is today’s lingering fairy-tale circus side-show.

PeapodLife says: turn off the television. Put down the tablet. Set the smartphone to silent. Relax. Breathe. Spend some time with nature. Immerse yourself in what’s real. Forget the false promises of misunderstood traditions which satisfy our taste for greatness by proxy. Instead, seek out authentic sources of true greatness “out there” which help us connect to our own true greatness “in here.”

We can help. With an indoor ecosystem you can surround yourself with life, not hype. An authentic rainforest living wall from PeapodLife will feed your senses with beauty, your lungs with pure fresh air, and your soul with wonder and warmth…enduring warmth to last beyond the reign of any monarch.  

Sorry, little Prince Cambridge. The television may say you’re great. But our hearts tell us the kind of greatness people really need to experience in their lives these days: it’s not on the telly…it’s within their own hearts. It’s in the hearts of untold thousands of children born into the world each day without so much as a clean swaddling cloth to great them, let alone a silver spoon and 62-gun salute.

PeapodLife salutes them. The forgotten; the unheralded; the unglamorous; the uncelebrated, the humble. We celebrate you.

Go and face the challenges of this world under your own unique banner of poise and grace. Seek true strength and beauty in others and your surroundings so that you may awaken courage within your heart and resolve in your mind and body to live a life of sacrifice for them and all beings.

Go ahead…be truly great.  

Prince Cambridge, that goes for you too. Dare to live up to the hype, no matter what “the family” says.

Attila Lendvai

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