Thursday, 18 July 2013

Heat Wave in Toronto: Time for Local Cooling

Collage: Heat Wave - Time for Local Cooling

 Relief from the Heat - Put an Ecosystem with Water-Feature in Your Home

As Ontario enters its fourth consecutive day of near record-breaking temperatures and humidity, people are looking to all sorts of measures to try and keep cool in the heat.

It’s true that most will turn to air conditioning. Unfortunately, the strain that is putting on the power grid is enormous.

And while people moan about air-conditioning being “recycled air” the reality is a great volume of air is exchanged with the outside, in accordance with building codes. The result is an enormous loss in efficiency, as cooled-down air is exchanged for hot, humid air from outside (the reverse is true in winter).

So what does any of this heat-wave, energy-related issues have to do with an ecosystem?

Consider having a beautiful, soothing, cooling rainforest ecosystem complete with water feature. Apart from the obvious psychological benefits, this ecosystem will generate fresh, crisp, clean air constantly throughout the day, scrubbing the air of particulates and chemicals. Read: anti-smog; anti-haze.

With the ability to generate clean, fresh air inside, the need to exchange vast quantities of air from the outside is unnecessary. A building designed (or retrofitted) to use PeapodLife ecosystem technology can seal off its HVAC system and generate its own fresh air.

Once the building is cooled down, it indeed “recycles” its own air, but that air is constantly being scrubbed and freshened from within. Over time it becomes cleaner than the air outside (especially in the city, on hot, hazy, humid days), and stays cooler and more comfortable.

The bottom line: clean, healthy and economical relief from the heat is possible thanks to indoor ecosystem technology.


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