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3 Secrets to Using Nature to Grow Your Business: Amazing New Keynote for Green Business Associations!

PeapodLife Project Director, Attila Lendvai's Presentation 
“How to Add More Green to Your Portfolio”
Toronto, The Hyatt Regency, March 30, 2013
2013 @ peapodLife.com

Did you know that 50% of the North American workforce has complained of Sick Building Symptoms and 14% reported a decrease in productivity? Did you also know that the majority of office workers experiencing Sick Building Syndrome see a significant reduction of these symptoms when they spend more time outdoors? (Source: san-marcousa.com: ROMA: Eco-Sustainable Technologies: Benefits of Breathable Buildings: Statistics USA: Indoor Pollution: Sick Building Syndrome (SBS))

What if we could show you a way to improve the air quality and productivity in your work environment by bringing the outdoors into your office in a completely unique and unprecedented way to allow your workers and your business to thrive?

Three Secrets to Using Nature to Grow Your Business

In this informative and life-changing seminar, you will learn:
  • Hidden dangers lurking in your work environment literally sucking the life and profits out of your business. “Aargh!” (Venting won’t fix it).
  • How to get Mother Nature looking after your HR productivity, reliability and wellness issues.
  • Discover the world-changing secret to Bio-Networking a sustainable business model that enhances your human capital, protects the environment and increases your profitability.

Photo: PeapodLife's Booth at The Property Show
Martina Ernst, President and Co-Founder of PeapodLife and
Attila Lendvai, Co-Founder and Project Director of PeapodLife
PeapodLife (www.peapodlife.com), a Division of Wo-Built Inc (www.wobuilt.com)
2013 @ wobuilt.com
About the Speakers

Martina Ernst is the President and Co-Founder of PeapodLife (www.peapodlife.com) a Division of Wo-Built Inc.
Martina is a design & build specialist who helps businesses improve the quality of their work spaces. Her education, both in architecture and business, and her 25-year building industry expertise give her a unique approach to designing spaces with a balanced emphasis on aesthetics, practicality and profitability.
Martina was recently featured on Extraordinary Women TV, the radio shows Small Business Big Ideas Show and From a Woman's Perspective.
Martina's passion is to provide the healthiest indoor environment possible for her clients.

Attila Lendvai is the Co-Founder and Project Director of PeapodLife (www.peapodlife.com) a Division of Wo-Built Inc.
Attila is a passionate social entrepreneur with one eye on the big-picture; the other on the bottom-line. He has 20 years of international experience as a consultant and manager of both for-profit and non-profit ventures, working with companies such as IBM, ABB, Gas de France, Nova Scotia Power, Georgian Bancorp and Emilio & Coco. A seasoned speaker and emcee, Attila is also a blogger and author of The Attlas Project – SEE the World in a New Light, and contributing author of Competitive Intelligence and Global Business.
Attila was recently interviewed on AllTalkTV.com with David Grossman and is a regular contributor to GreenAddition.blogspot.ca.
Attila has made PeapodLife his life’s mission to bring clean air indoors to serve humanity in a deep and meaningful way.

Three Secrets to Using Nature to Grow Your Business

This exciting new keynote speech is available to organizations, associations, and their corporate stakeholders. We’re also happy to present to large corporations, governments, anyone who is sick and tired of working in Sick Buildings and want to know the secrets to higher productivity and employee satisfaction, the natural way.

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