Thursday, 7 November 2013

Stuck at Work? Take a 10-Minute Break in Cottage Country
(& Skip Getting Stuck on Highway 400)

Stuck at Work? Take a 10-Minute Break in Cottage Country; image by PeapodLife
Image by PeapodLife: Stuck at Work? Take a 10-Minute Break in Cottage Country

The summer may be over and winter may be fast approaching. Let’s take a moment to reflect on some of the wonderful memories you may be sharing with thousands of Toronto residents who savoured every last minute of their precious long weekends up north in cottage country:
  • Traffic
  • Wasted time (traffic)
  • Bugs
  • Jockeying for position on the highway
  • Jockeying for good campsites in crowded parks
  • “WTF!?” Weather Forecasts
  • Did we mention traffic?

Truly, Torontonians long weekend excursions up north can really be summed up in one visual:

Being Up North and Getting Up North, image collage
Image Collage: Being Up North & Getting Up North 

So why do we put ourselves through it? One word: SANCTUARY.

Most human beings crave some sort of reprieve from the daily grind of the big city. The concrete jungle, boss, employees, co-workers, commute, crowds, noise, hustle & bustle…we can only take so much before we need to fill our lungs with a huge breathe of fresh air and give off an extended sigh of relief.

What if you could have that sigh of relief whenever you needed it at work, 5 days a week, 365 days a year? What if that feeling of “AHH!” we so look forward to on the long weekends didn’t come after all the hours and aggravation of getting there? With Advanced Human Habitat, your “AHH!” could be here…now.

An Extended Sigh of Relief in Nature, Here & Now in Advanced Human Habitat: AHH!
Image Collage: An Extended Sigh of Relief in Nature, Here & Now in Advanced Human Habitat: AHH! 

Indoor ecosystems are the key to creating a new level of focused relaxation and invigoration in the workplace. It’s possible to bathe ourselves in the same calming and healing energies we so desperately crave from nature, and are seemingly willing to go to almost any lengths to get.

Let’s be honest here: whether you buy your own cottage, rent a B&B, or even a campground, after you factor in the time, gas, accessories, meals, etc. your long-weekend excursion isn’t exactly cheap (and with a half-day travel there, and another half-a-day back, you effectively only get two days of “Ahh!”

The expense of immersing ourselves in the beauty, tranquility and vitality of natural spaces is nothing compared to the benefits we feel we get in return. We feel better, rejuvenated, inspired even. We can return to our work with a renewed sense of “anything’s possible!” We may return with a fresh idea, a new solution to an old problem, or an inspired insight on a troubling issue we were facing.

We are more likely to have fresh thoughts when we feel refreshed. Now imagine if you could get that fresh feeling, whenever you needed it at work. All you need to do is step back from the stressful situation and negative energy confronting you, and take in your workplace ecosystem sanctuary from PeapodLife, with its inspiring natural microclimate and positive energy enveloping you.

When you finish your little 10 minute sojourn up north, you’ll return to the situation with new eyes, a fresh outlook, and greet even the most challenging of circumstances with a smile.  Just imagine what challenges you (and/or your team) can successfully confront when an ecosystem’s got your back.

That’s why we say it’s not only advanced habitat for humans; it’s habitat for advanced humans. PeapodLife Building Ecosystems & Technology: Advanced Human Habitat. “AHH,” indeed.

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