Tuesday, 14 May 2013

When are Human Beings at their BEST?

Image: ‘Last Child in the Woods’ Words by Richard Louv; Painting by Michael Malm

Achieving a State of Optimal Well Being and Peak Performance

Our “Best.”

It’s something almost everyone is looking for in one way or another. We want the best job, so we can get the best house, drive the best car, wear the best clothes, and attract the best life partner. We care most for our best friend. We follow the news to see who’s best in the world, knowing the most any of us can ever hope to achieve is our personal best.

And what is that? What does it mean to be “at our best?” And how does one go about achieving it?

There have been countless self-help books and lectures on topics ranging from “personal power” to “peak performance.” Their tone ranges from dry secular theory to borderline religious fervor.

The New Age movement promises an impending “Golden Age” just around the corner in which human beings are all at their very best. Allegedly, all we need to do is align ourselves with its higher vibrations (think positive, feel good, etc).

Regardless of what you believe it means to be at your best and what you can do on a personal level to achieve it, there is unequivocal scientific evidence (and common sense) to support the simple notion that we are heavily conditioned by our environment.

For instance: we are what we eat. “GIGO:” garbage in; garbage out. If we surround ourselves with negative people and influences, there is a good chance they will influence us in a negative way. Environment affects us mentally, emotionally and physically. Fairly straightforward.

So what is the best environment? Nature.

Nature is the only environment that simultaneously calms the nerves while elevating the senses. Our natural state as human beings is one of wellness, peace & harmony. It is the state we all strive for, and the state we are happiest when we manage to achieve. It is, in a word, our best.

To achieve our best state naturally, a natural environment is what’s best for us. It makes sense. The healthiest air, water and food is naturally produced air, water and food. It’s not called “the Great Outdoors” for nothing.

Practically speaking, we can’t work or study outdoors in the middle of January in Canada. The next best thing is to bring the best of the natural environment indoors: the ecosystem.

This is what PeapodLife does. We help you be at your best with the BEST—Building EcoSystems & Technology. Our ecosystems create living walls which not only look amazing, they make you feel incredible—revitalized and alert, yet soothed and relaxed.

BEST environments naturally promote a state of wellness, peace & harmony—the natural state of any high-order ecosystem—which is the natural state of human beings. It is in this state that we feel at our best, function at our optimal efficiency, and are most resilient to any threats to our health & wellness.

Everybody knows that relaxed yet elevated feeling of “AHH!” It’s why we call it Advanced Human Habitat. It’s not just advanced habitat for humans, it’s habitat for advanced humans. Humans at their best conditioned by environments at their BEST: at work, rest and play.

AHH! Be at your BEST with PeapodLife.

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