Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Essence of Being, Rooted in Sophistication

Image: “The Essence of Being,” original Quilt Size 20”x32” created in August 2009 by Maya Brouwer.
Image Source: Maya Brouwer's Quilts

Type the term “the essence of being” into Google’s search and you’ll get “About 186,000,000 results.” Everything from transformational workshops to metaphysical philosophies to a Huffington Post Healthy Living editorial blog entitled “What is the Essence of Being?”

Said article, was contributed by Judith Ellis (Twitter: @judithellis ); in it, she shares a small snippet from the description of her own blog, “Being is the essence out of which all things evolve.” When we take a closer look at her blog, “The Being Brand,” we find in the expanded description Ellis intends to engage in:
“... an ongoing conversation of being in various facets and areas of life, including the personal and the professional from which relationships of all kinds are formed and teams built in all communities, virtual or real, at home, at work, in politics and at play.”
Source: Judith Deborah Ellis: The Being Brand

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. This above quotation is why we started PeapodLife: so that people can have that conversation of being with themselves, each other and nature in their BEST space of being: relaxed, aware, healthy, human...alive, supportive, evolving, loving.

What Ellis has done is communicate the essence of being rooted in sophistication.  Hers is neither a trite sound-bite appreciation of the essence of being, nor is it a solely grandiose oversimplification of matters.

For Ellis, it seems the essence of being is alive, at once the synthesis of the life’s work of those thinkers Ellis studied to arrive at her ideas (Georg Hegel, Edmund Husserl, Martin Heidegger, Frederick Nietzsche, Jean Paul Sartre, and then later Max Plank and Jacques Derrida) and the evolutionary source of each and every one of them and all of their valid, world-changing ideas.

Comprehending the essence behind complexity is sophistication. Put another way:
“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
~ Leonardo DaVinci
Wikiquote: Simplicity

There is a kind simplicity in nature: the root of a level of sophistication completely lost on materialist scientists, biochemists and geneticists—despite their best efforts and claims to the contrary. A plant is not a biochemical machine; a living wall is not a designer HVAC system. The scientists simply don’t get it.

Like Leonardo, like the Creator of the Universe, one must be both an artist and an engineer; a genius craftsperson and an evolutionary genius. To achieve the utmost in anything, one must be the essence of that thing, rooted in the sophistication of every facet of that essence. One must be appreciation.

True sophistication arises from an appreciation of the finer things, the subtler levels of things, the essence of things. Sophistication is also the expression of this finer, subtler, more essential layer; the manifestation and evolution of the essence of being into the myriad forms we experience.

True sophistication is rooted in the essence of being. True sophistication comes from a deeply felt appreciation of that essence, and the ability to stand in awe and wonder at the infinite forms that essence can take. In art, nature, anything. True value arises through appreciation.

So it is with life. All life. PeapodLife…The essence of being, rooted in sophistication. 

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