Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Rooted in Sophistication

Image: WHEN THE HORSE DIES 2008 digital painting 18 X 24 inches by Rick Simpson

Award-Winning Digital Art is a Metaphor for BEST – Building EcoSystems & Technology

“All great art is the work of the whole living creature, body and soul, and chiefly the soul.”

“It is the inspiration of the artist's knowledge and emotion that breathes life into ink, paper and other media.  Without it, art   ceases to be anything more than pure decoration.  Aesthetic, emotional or spiritual value derived from art results from self-discovery.  For [digital artist] Rick Simpson, this process is now purely intuitive, not motivated consciously with each element planned in advance. This is the true nature of art and his artwork embodies the essence of this philosophy.”
Rick Simpson: The World of Fantastic Imagination
Source: Rick Simpson’s website, “ALTKUNST”

These are the sentiments of Rick Simpson, ARTROM Gallery’s 2009 first-place award-winning digital artist. They are as appropriate to describe the work of living wall pioneer and Master EcoSystem Craftsman, Wolfgang Amelung, as they are for describing Rick Simpson’s artwork.

Of Rick Simposon’s work, Tony Shanuel, Jury Member for ARTROM Gallery 2009, said:

“I was intrigued by its primal yet sophisticated nature. Sophistication without purpose or context can be a gimmick and a clever sleight of hand. In digital art, this is an easy trap to fall into. There is none of this in Rick's work. There is a painterly quality to the work that merges seamlessly with the digital medium. I judge that's not an easy feat to accomplish.

“I also was fascinated with the archetypal imagery.”

Source: ARTROM Gallery: TOP TEN International Art Competition: An ARTROM Gallery Winners' Exhibition: 1st PLACE AWARD: Rick Simpson / USA

Clearly, substance is of utmost importance when it comes to art. True sophistication is rooted in substance; value; and, if we tie everything back to the quotation we opened this article with, that substance—true value—comes from “chiefly the soul.”

It’s not enough to make something complicated, technical, overly fancy or noticeably aesthetic. All these modern-day marketing devices are often just that: clever ploys at manipulation; superficial lipstick n’ rouge masking relatively shallow underlay. True substance has depth.

PeapodLife is the BEST precisely because it has real depth, rooted in sophistication. Hand-made, artisan-crafted technology enabling the very essence of life to thrive in ways no other technology currently available on the market can come close to, let alone duplicate.

There are many pretenders: hydropnic living walls, soil-based living walls, indoor gardens, indoor ponds, aquaponics, the list goes on. Each will say it is the most technologically advanced, most proven, most aesthetically pleasing, most...whatever.

None are rooted in the level of sophistication and artistry—true mastery— as PeapodLife. Over 30+ years of real-world research, development and commercial application in companies ranging from Club Monaco to Canada Life. Dozens of homes and small offices.

PeapodLife is that rarest breed of modern artisan natural technologies: substance, quality, integrity. Our customers know the BEST when they see it. They demand nothing but the BEST. Nature at Her very BEST so we can be at our BEST: Relaxed, Aware, Healthy, Human...AHH!

PeapodLife – Rooted in Sophistication.

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