Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Slow Up (not Down)!

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The Virtues of the Slow Movement in our Crazy Fast-Paced World

We don’t mean to burst anyone’s bubble, but slowing down is not a viable option for today’s world. There’s too much at stake politically and economically for that. Plus, things are accelerating. There are forces at play on this planet which cannot be avoided, since we are all a part of the planetary body.

So what about a different take on slowing down. How about slowing up? What’s the difference, you ask?

Slowing down has this backward-looking connotation. A sort of nostalgia for “the good ol’ days” when human beings were happy, healthy, content, in touch with nature (depending on just how far back your particular flavor of nostalgia takes you).

Image: Slow Cars Roundup

This kind of slow thinking is romantic, yet terribly naïve. There’s never been a so-called “Golden Age” in the recorded history of humanity. Throughout our journey as a species, we’ve looked at expanding ourselves onward and upward beyond the plight of our state—however we defined it at the time.

Evolution, devolution and revolution are the only constants in the universe. Slowing down connotes a kind of devolution. This planet is not quite there yet. As humanity we still hunger for evolution; and are caught in the early stages of a worldwide planetary revolution.

Slowing up is a forward-looking way of thinking. Being slow is not so much about doing less or doing things in an old-fashioned way, it’s more about doing not doing. Slow is about presence, awareness. Take a moment to actually be in the moment. In short, APPRECIATE. To appreciate is to raise-UP.

Slowing up embraces both evolution (advancement), and represents a revolution for this humanity because its number one characteristic demands a revolution in attention: a shift from being largely asleep (hurriedly and mechanically rushing through every experience) to being intensely awake.

Slowing up is all about getting involved: intimately experiencing each and every moment; every facet of life. Slowing up takes its time to appreciate the finer things in life, the subtleties, the details. Slowing up expands awareness and raises our level of experience to new heights of wonder and awe.

Most of all, slowing up expands awareness and raises the level of our experience of ourselves and our relationships with the universe.

Slowing up is really about growing up. Like the great old growth sequoias of the West Coast, growing up takes time. It’s not by accident that the wisest of humans are the ones who embrace the pace of living relative to their station along the journey. Treasured moments. Measured words. Eternal wisdom.

Sometimes slowing up is really fast! We cannot control the speed at which life hits us. Being slow is not about slowing down our external circumstances. Ironically, that only accelerates our mind and causes more stress! It’s about slowing up to the rhythm of perennial nature. Sound like a paradox?

No matter how hectic your life, it’s always possible to experience the moment as a singular eternity frozen in time. Be in the moment. Don’t think. Try it. When you begin to practice slowing up, something incredible happens: you relax, become more aware, healthier, more in touch with your own humanity.

Slowing up raises your awareness of the fact that all this time there has been no hectic, crazy world “out there.” Rather, the hectic pace of your world was set by your own internal clock. The alarm bells, punch-cards, schedules, responsibilities, all of it…the fast-lane was painted by your own psyche: desires, fears, concerns, thoughts, emotions, et al.

So what does all this have to do with PeapodLife?

PeapodLife is a slowing up engine. No other technology so fully embraces the pace of Mother Nature and the forces at work on this planet at this time. The planet is changing. Mother Nature is in a kind of motion we have not seen for thousands of years.

PeapodLife embraces the flow of this pace, and in doing so has created a kind of living-art-in-motion, allowing anyone in proximity of one of our ecosystems to slow up and slip into the flow of that motion, even as it accelerates the pace of change.
“It is in that flow of accelerated turbulence that we can appreciate and fulfill our true potential as human beings.”
~ Wolfgang Amelung, EcoSystem Inventor

Each and every time you experience your ecosystem, you will discover something new. It’s dynamic. It grows and evolves and changes at a pace not common even in nature. And yet, there’s no artificial stimulants at work. No fertilizers. No genetic engineering. Only a proprietary technology in harmony with the highest vibrational potential of Mother Nature herself.

We invite you to experience all that such a higher vibration has to offer. Slow up to a more relaxed, aware, healthy and human version of yourself. Slow up and experience the essence of being rooted in sophistication.

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