Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Tapping the Untapped Power of Human Nature

"Nature has set no limit to the realization of our hopes." "What must appear to us today to be a fantastic hope will in time become possible." 
~ Condorcet 


Image: Man contemplating his Nature, from “Human is environment” series by Denis C. Feliz

“In the Human imagination, the environment can be restricted to pristine forest, rivers of clear waters and wildlife endangered…lost paradises, far from our reality…a sharp cry of distress asking for help. Again, men understand themselves as different beings and do not comprehend that the urban areas, slums, the sewage system, insects and all other beings who inhabit the cities are also the environment.”
~ Denis C. Feliz

We love the above sentiments and digital artwork series entitled “Human is environment” by Brazilian digital artist Denis C. Feliz.

We do not share these images and sentiments in isolation, however. In the big picture that is PeapodLife, we offer the following sentiment from John Locke:

"Man is a product of his environment. Change the environment and change the man.” 
~ Locke

What is the implication of the unity of these two remarks? Well, for starters, man has changed. A lot. And not entirely for the better.

Since the dawn of the industrial revolution and the technological age, we have not only lost touch with the natural environment, we have lost touch with the fact that we are changing our own nature in the process, since we are no less a product of the environments we live in today as ever we were.

And then, as always, third one’s the charm:

"Nature has set no limit to the perfection of human abilities." 
~ Condorcet.

What are these abilities? Technological? Really?

Has modern economics, industrialization and indeed, technology, made us more human or less? Are we more connected to one another and all living creatures, or more connected to economics, technology, and consumption itself?

Are we more conscious, or do we need some form of external stimuli, technological crutches, psychedelic and psychotropic drugs? Do we have more natural energy, or do we rely on energy drinks?

Are we evolving, naturally, or is our vision of human evolution limited to how we can meddle with our genetic code or fuse our physical bodies to machines and computers?

Have we taken Marshall McLuhen’s terribly misguided conclusion that “the medium is the message” to the nth degree, and fallen into the trap of believing that the medium is the meaning (of life)?

Image: African Woman, from “Human is environment” series by Denis C. Feliz

“The work "Human is environment" shows how we are integrating a complex and interdependent system. The paintings illustrate in a critical and direct way how we are perishable and increasingly distant from our own animal nature. It makes us reflect on our presence and action in the world and how our capacity for domination can lead to environmental chaos and therefore our own annihilation. This is a work which shows the latent blindness of human pride.” 
~ Denis C. Feliz 

Feliz’s work (and words) reveals the great humbling power of nature. Humble power. It’s not an oxymoron.

Patience is a virtue; so too is humility. There was a time when humankind put virtues on a pedestal and aspired to greatness by overcoming their more base animal instincts. In other words, we aspired to our true nature. Which is, as it turns out, the true nature of nature itself: sacrifice, non-attachment, love.

Feliz suggests we have a romanticized view of nature as “lost paradises,” he might just as well have been talking about any old-school notions of virtue: “far from our reality.”

Humankind now puts vices on a pedestal and aspires to greatness by indulging in our most basic animal instincts. Like the worst kind of parasites, we carry plagues and pestilence to all four corners of the globe and call it “progress.” Like bottom-feeders, we slip ever deeper in the muck of our own psyche.

And yet, there is hope. There is no need to wallow in the mud. We can still immerse ourselves with the cleansing, ever-giving ocean of love that is nature in its highest form. We can swim in an ocean of that positive energy, even in our own homes, offices, workplaces, etc.

Image: Man’s Connection to the Ocean, from “Human is environment” series by Denis C. Feliz

Yes, we can once again attune ourselves in harmony with the highest frequencies and vibrations of Mother Nature. We can create environments which resonate with her best qualities of sacrifice, abundance, evolution and love.

We can literally put her on a pedestal and just BE with her again. Her best qualities become our finest qualities. Her infinite wisdom and incalculable timeless intelligence inform our intelligence. Her infinite beauty inspires our greatness. Her power to at once soothe and invigorate us empowers us to evolve, naturally.

"We will have no other goal than the absolute perfection of the human race."
~ Condorcet

PeapodLife is a simple way to reconnect with nature’s highest life-giving values: clean air, living water, freshest organic local food, all of which support the perfection of health & wellness.

PeapodLife is also an easy way to put Mother Nature’s highest values back where they belong: soothing our suffering, invigorating our consciousness, both of which support the perfection of our hearts and minds.

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