Thursday, 28 February 2013

Ecosystem Turns Indoor Vertical Garden into Office Rainforest Paradise

What are the benefits of an indoor garden ecosystem your office could enjoy?

PeapodLife's Interview at the Twain Fine Jewellers

When you listen to Adi Twena of Twain speak about his boutique showroom / office ecosystem, you quickly realize he’s not talking about any old indoor vertical garden. He’s talking about Advanced Human Habitat.

As a high-end jewellery wholesaler, Twain appreciates beauty, quality and substance. Adi tells Peapod Life Project Director, Attila Lendvai, how he enjoys the many advantages of our ecosystem (Powered by Peapod Life Partner Genetron Systems) over conventional hydroponic living walls. 

"People come in and ask us if we’ve renovated the place." Mr. Twena adds, "when what they’re experiencing is the difference the ecosystem makes to our commercial space." There’s no question he’s a believer in Peapod Life Advanced Human Habitat.

Shot on location, Twain, Toronto Ontario, January 21, 2013.

Photos: Ecosystem Turns Indoor Vertical Garden into Office Rainforest Paradise
2013 @ peapodLife


Photos:Ecosystem Indoor Vertical Garden and Umbilical System 
Turns an Office from an Indoor Garden into an Indoor Rainforest
2013 @ peapodLife

Adi recently added a series of "Mini-Umbilical Systems" which extend the reach his ecosystem into his office.

All the plants and mini moss living-wall (you can see the moss just beginning to grow) in Adi’s office use the same living water generated by the ecosystem.

It will take the umbilical systems some time to fill-out, but that’s half the fun of an indoor garden ecosystem! The more it grows, the more you feel like a part of you is growing with it.

We will post another update when Adi’s ecosystem indoor vertical garden and umbilical system turns his office from an indoor garden into an indoor rainforest! 

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