Thursday, 14 February 2013

Ode to Mother Nature on Valentine’s Day

Image: “Mother Nature” by Rafal Tomal 
Image Source: Owen Roberts: urban cowboy: a city view on agri-food

O’ Divine Mother Nature

How do you love me? This one day at least, let me count the ways...

I toss my trash on your perfect body; you turn the other cheek.

Our cigarette-butt smokestacks spew into your lungs; you give us a smile.

I pour toxic soup down your throat; you give me fresh water to drink.

We drill and blast and scar and frack you; you give us your riches.

I leave the lights on, idle the car, sleep sweat-soaked naked on the coldest night in January; you sing me a lullaby and send me sweet dreams.

We take, hoard and sell fresh water; you offer us another draught.

I eat industrial monoculture and factory farmed fast-food ‘cause I’m so important; you give me beautiful sunsets reminding me that I’m special.

We rake the land, troll the oceans, and rack up the species-count; you say there are plenty o’ fish in the sea.

I hunt for kicks; watch nature shows for the bloodsport; you say to each his own.

We tear out your forests, pave your meadows, stretch your deserts, level your mountains, melt your ice-caps, damn your rivers, drink up your lakes; you say nothing lasts forever.

I damn your rules, your natural laws, and I call myself intellectual, righteous, technocrat; you say death is a part of life.

We ravage you day in and day out, proclaiming ourselves lords of nature, your master and your ruler; with words like Katrina and Sandy you gently remind us what real power is.

I forget you; you never forget me.

This one day at least, let us remember you, O’ Divine Mother Nature:

Your infinite loving compassion,
Your timeless loving embrace,
Your incomprehensible patience and forgiveness,
For me; for us.
You, Kali;
We, your very naughty children,
In loving memory, this one day at least,

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