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A Shield Against 'Bad Vibes' in the Workplace:
Biomusicology, Lexicology, Entrainment, Ecosystems and YOU

“Discussion is an exchange of knowledge;
an argument an exchange of ignorance.”
~ Robert Quillen
Source: Brainy Quote: Argument Quotes

Infographic by PeapodLife: Negative Biomusicalogical & Lexical Entrainment VS. Ecosystem Harmonic & Symbiotic Entrainment at Work

We’ve all been there: the slippery slope and the downward spiral of the escalating argument. Be it at home or in the workplace, we all know the way things can get out of hand and tend to run away from us. Frustration, reactions, anger, aggression, things are said and done and…it rarely turns out well.

What we may not realize is there are real scientific phenomena affecting us during such conflicts. The fundamental principle involved is entrainment. In a general sense, entrainment is the tendency of oscillations or vibrations to synchronize.

Biomusicological entrainment is the phenomenon of entrainment applied specifically to biological organisms, including animals, human beings and ecosystems.  Biomusicalogical entrainment is responsible for everything from groupthink to mob mentality

Video: Bystander Revolution: Sam Trammell | Mob Mentality 

And make no mistake; everything the above video talks about applies to adults and adult group dynamics as much as it does for children, adolescents, etc. Why? Because age has nothing to do with the effects of biomusicalogical entrainment.

Lexical entrainment refers to the phenomenon whereby individuals tend to take on characteristics of speech from others in social situations—including intonation, vocabulary, etc.

Some are more sensitive to entrainment than others, but combined, biomusicalogical and lexical entrainment have a very real impact on our relationships and on our effective use of time and energy in the workplace.

Now, compound the effects of these two types of entrainment with the toxic sick buildings and lifeless environments we typically work in—from electromagnetic radiation from office equipment to noise stress, VOC’s and other sources of indoor atmospheric pollution, the list goes on.

There’s much more than just air quality to consider.  And sorry, Google, no amount of board games, beanbag chairs, foosball tables, or other manmade gimmicks can heal what is fundamentally a toxic environment, hostile to the optimum performance of living organisms…including us.

Enter PeapodLife Building EcoSystems & Technology

High order rainforest ecosystems are the BEST solution for countering the effects of negative biomusicalogical and lexical entrainment. The ecosystem acts as an umbrella, enveloping everyone in the space with a biomusicalogical entrainment field of harmony and symbiosis. Every organism—and person—within the field is constantly being entrained biomusicalogically by the infinitely complex interrelationships and balancing efforts of the superorganism in order to maximize  health, wellness and optimal function of each and every individual in said field.   

Image Rendering by PeapodLife: Imagine your office or workplace transformed into an atmosphere of optimal human performance, harmonic and symbiotic relationships, and health & wellness.
Now, are we saying an ecosystem will completely prevent all interpersonal conflict? Certainly not. But what it can do is take the edge off such conflicts. With the over-arching influence of the ecosystem—complete with beautiful orchids, bromeliads, soothing moss, flowing water, meditative fish, ionized living water counteracting the effects of harsh electromagnetic radiation, etc.—some conflicts might be shorter, or less intense, or more quickly resolved.

In the human body, melatonin is the hormone which is involved in the entrainment of the circadian rhythms of physiological functions including sleep timing and high blood pressure. Source: Put another way, melatonin is the “calming hormone” in the body which counteracts the forces in us which lead to nervousness, agitation, stress, frustration, anger, etc. 

Think of a PeapodLife ecosystem as constantly washing your office space in a melatonin bath. But, unlike melatonin—which can have the effect of causing drowsiness—ecosystems stimulate the senses and invigorate our energy. In addition, nature boosts the immune system, improves mental faculties, increases inspiration and imagination, and all in all makes people feel better.

Imagine fewer sick days…fewer incidents of employees waking up thinking “ugh…I don’t feel like going into work,” when work is such a pleasant place to be.

How pleasant? Videos can’t do it justice, but here’s one anyway…

Video: PeapodLife Living Wall EcoSystem Fitch Street 

Now, just imagine what how all this will make you and your team FEEL? Imagine how much more you and your team will get done, and how much more pleasant an experience you’ll have doing it in the BEST indoor environment possible.  PeapodLife Building Ecosystems & Technology—be at your BEST.

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