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Jeremy Clarkson Sacked: Top Gear Fiasco
May Reveal the Tragedy of Chronic Stress

Collage by PeapodLife: Top Gear with Chronic Stress vs. EcoSystems
"I've always been a fan of his work on Top Gear…"It is with regret we will not be renewing Jeremy's contract."
~ Tony Hall, the Director General of the BBC
With these words, Director General of the BBC, Tony Hall, nailed the lid in the coffin of Jeremy Clarkson’s future hosting the wildly successful Top Gear. The dismissal relates to an alleged altercation between Clarkson and one of the show’s producers, involving a 30-second tirade and physical assault.

An investigation revealed, according to the official statement by the BBC, that the much loved presenter had “crossed a line.” Here is the official statement most fans of the show and casual onlookers alike have likely seen by now:

Video: 'Why sack your biggest global star?' Clarkson row:

All in all, it is safe to say that the entire incident and its predictable outcome have left all concerned with a bitter taste in their mouth.

Image: Jeremy Clarkson Meme – That’s not gone well 

Feelings of bitterness and regret were immediately expressed by fans of the show; not just online—as one might expect—but in person, via a 1-million signature petition, delivered to BBC headquarters in a dramatic fashion in keeping with the spirit and substance of the show itself.

Video: ‘The Stig’ delivers Jeremy Clarkson petition – BBC News 

Cynics and critics of Clarkson’s blokeish antics might argue that the stunt by fans is exactly the kind of aggressive over-reaction which caused the incident in the first place—and not the first time Clarkson got himself into hot water with BBC brass, either.

But we at PeapodLife couldn’t shake the feeling that there’s more going on here this time ‘round. And by all means while this is just speculation on our part, given the nature of this incident versus others the embattled host has been involved in, there was almost certainly something more insidious at work.

And, in the typical way society and the media avoid the topic due to the social stigma around mental health, no one seems to really be asking an important question…

Was Chronic Stress at least Partly to Blame for now Infamous Top Gear Fiasco?

Certainly, while on the surface this seems to be a case of a much beloved television presenter “losing it” in a fit of rage with a co-worker, a little research seems to suggest there’s more to the story than that.

According to fellow TV host Piers Morgan, “just like pretty much every other 50-something in life; angst-ridden from damaged relationships, grieving loved ones, irritated by work-related issues, and battling inner demons.” Source:

Now certainly, this is no excuse for bad behaviour—especially violent behaviour—but there seem to be more mitigating circumstances coming to light.

BBC’s Creative Director Ala Yentob said BBC’s decision to extend the series to 12 shows may have been a mistake. "Whether it would have led to these events is speculative. It's very difficult to say why this happened. Clearly, workload is one thing, the stress of the year, all the rest of it." Source:

It turns out Clarkson had been dealing with a plethora of personal problems for some time, including a death in the family and a failing marriage. In other words, whatever triggered Clarkson to “cross the line” in professional conduct instead of on the track, was maybe just the straw that broke the camel’s back. Maybe he had been dealing with chronic stress, a condition which among the obvious rage and depression, can lead to all kinds of very real physical problems:

Image: Chronic Stress symptoms

Now, you can probably tell where we’re heading with this. The fact remains that the soothing, stress-reducing, and healing power of nature—especially ecosystems—can be a powerful “ecotherapy” tool in preventative mental and physical healthcare, including the management of chronic stress.

In many ways, then, we head right back into the discussion from Tuesday March 2015: Nature ‘Significantly’ Helps overcoming Disease: PhD Study.

The highlight?

Image: Clinical Studies prove nature sounds reduce stress and activate healing – Dr. Joe Dispenza
Image Credit: 

Are we saying an ecosystem in Jeremy Clarkson’s home, the Top Gear studio, and/or the pub where the altercation took place could have prevented the incident? Not directly, no.

What we are saying is that if chronic stress and pent up frustration and looming rage were indeed significant factors in Clarkson’s tragic fall, then absolutely: we believe the soothing, calming, relaxing and healing properties of ecosystems could have played a role in preventing this incident from ever occurring

Image: Hugs: Everybody needs one now and then.

Forget “Captain Slow,” think MOTHER NATURE! Because there are few hugs more potent than a constant, enduring, balancing and revitalizing hug of a high-order rainforest ecosystem. 

P.S. To Top Gear Fans in Tanks: Life Goes On…

Of course, we must add a post script to all those lamenting the loss of their beloved presenter, now left in limbo wondering what the future has in store.

If all of you had an ecosystem in your home, business and/or school, you would have a deep appreciation for the nature of life and that all things come to an end. And, you’d be completely okay with that. You too would be relaxed, at ease, and ready to accept what could be an even more exciting and promising future.

I mean let’s be honest, Jeremy Clarkson isn’t going to be around forever…sooner or later change is inevitable. Here’s an article which may give you some hope: Clarkson's departure gives Top Gear the chance to reinvent itself.

And whether you’re a fan of Jezza (Clarkson’s nickname) or not, here’s a take on what he represents—at least to some—which might help put things into some much needed 21st Century perspective (or not): Jeremy Clarkson represents the worst of boorish Eighties materialism. You'd hate him if you met him.

As for Jezza? Well, love him or hate him, we have a feeling that all this is just of a setback at the end of the day…a flat tire at the side of the road or an exploding Fiat…just a tumble in a ridiculously rollie-pollie Reliant Robin. We’re pretty sure he’s going to find himself shifting into a whole new gear sometime in the not-too-distant future. After all, it’s what Jeremy Clarkson does best.

Image: Clarkson Top Gear Meme – Fast 

We just hope he also knows (and takes) good advice when he hears it. Our advice to him (and everyone) is this:

If there is chronic stress in your life, ask us about making the shift from the rat race and living la vita loca to the relax lane and living the PeapodLife. After all, we want what’s best for you; for everyone!

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