Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Dancing KINGS & the PEACOCK Life
Men: “Get Down and COLOURFUL” to “Get it On” the Natural Way

Video: At 0.15” these miniscule jumping spiders are nature’s tiny talents.
Source: YouTube – Peacock Spider 7 
“You can dance if you want to,
you can leave your friends behind.
‘Cause your friends don’t dance
and if they don’t dance,
Well that’s no friend of mine.”
~ Men Without Hats, Safety Dance
The natural world is filled with flamboyant, elaborate and beautiful displays by male species courting their female counterparts.

The above ritual by the tiny Peacock Spider, native to Australia, is one such dancing display, complete with colourful abdomen flap which raises just like a peacock’s feathers—hence the name. But these small spiders are by no means the only ones “putting the moves on” their ladies.

It’s no secret that male birds are often more colourful than females, and that they must woo partners using all types of behaviours. But Papua New Guinea’s Birds of Paradise are legendary not only for their elaborate ritual/mating dance, but their beautiful plumage. 

Video: Birds of Paradise

Now let’s face it: the human animal likewise performs its own mating rituals, whether we admit to it or not. And the proliferation of beauty, fashion & lifestyle magazines for women and health, fashion and lifestyle magazines for men are proof of this. Such publications often offer both sexes ways to gain an “advantage” over rivals when it comes to “attracting and/or keeping a mate.”

Image Collage: The “Peacock life” by PeapodLife.

Then there’s “the nest.” Some birds woo a mate by building an elaborate nest which prospective mates come and examine. If the nest is to their liking and meets with their approval, the courtship is successful and mating can proceed.

Video: “The Bachelor Pad” in Nature

This also has its correspondence in the human animal. The “swinging bachelor pad” is but one example of how men attempt to make a good impression on prospective partners, by showcasing their success, cleanliness, organization, likes and interests, tastes in food, design & music, and much more. 

Now, imagine if your “bachelor pad” had one of PeapodLife’s high-order rainforest ecosystems…

Image: PeapodLife Rainforest Ecosystem turns any Bachelor Pad into a sanctuary for new “lovebirds” to become “empty nesters.”

The colours, vivacity, freshness, vitality and life-affirming energy of our indoor rainforest ecosystems will surely turn any bachelor pad into a sanctuary where “lovebirds” can meet, mate and perhaps even become “empty nesters.” But not just any old nest…a nest of MUTUAL HARMONY & SYMBIOSIS, as embodied by one of our high-order ecosystems. The essence of balanced, sustainable beauty. 

In other words, while what starts off appearing as “The Peacock Life” in time reveals itself to create The PeapodLife. And who doesn’t want a relationship of mutual harmony and symbiosis? Contact PeapodLife today and get to work on your “Nest of Paradise.”

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