Thursday, 13 November 2014

Ecosystem in Senior’s Residence Thrives

Image: PeapodLife Ecosystem at Fitch Street Senior’s Residence

Last week we paid a visit to Birchwood Place, Niagara Regional Housing’s affordable retirement residence located at 235 Fitch St. East in Welland, Ontario.

Image: Birchwood Place 

We checked-in on the ecosystem we installed there, and the photos tell the story of how well this very basic ecosystem is doing.

Image: Orchids blooming in PeapodLife Ecosystem.

The moss is coming along nicely, taking hold and thriving. The orchids are blooming, with more on the way, and some flowers have even matured and produced seed-pods. 

We re-seeded the living wall with the seeds, we will have to wait and see if they can grab a foothold. As you can see from the photos, the wall is quite lush, and new seedlings will have an uphill battle for light given how well all the other plants are doing. 

Image: Ecosystem Thriving.

Even the fish are doing well. Some of the species laid eggs, a few of them hatched. This is a little unusual, since most fish are bred to be infertile. They were a bit too small to photograph without a macro lens.

As you can tell, an ecosystem is not a static thing. They grow, change, adapts and in the case of PeapodLife Rainforest Ecosystems, they thrive. Owning an ecosystem is an adventure. Generally, change happens at a slow pace, but sometimes leads to dramatic developments overnight (like a new orchid reaching full bloom, or new fish being born).

The point is, there’s always new life, new colour, new movement and new things to see and wonder at. Your ecosystem is full of life, and it’s precisely that energy and vitality that PeapodLife ecosystems bring to your life.

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