Tuesday, 18 February 2014

When it comes to Nature BIG THINGS do come in Small Packages
The 24 Tiniest Animals In The World Can Teach Us a Lot about Ecosystems

Image Collage: A few of the 24 Tiniest Animals In The World 

Let’s face it, too often in life we have the tendancy to think bigger is better. When it comes to nature, that’s clearly not always the case.

There are many examples of extraordinary adaptation, beauty and what certainly seems like whimsy to us in almost unthinkable miniature.

A blog by FullTrain.com entitled Here Are The 24 Tiniest Animals In The World. Number 13 Is So Adorable I Could Scream illustrates just how practical nature can be in miniature. Their list: 

From (clockwise from Top-Left in our image collage, above) the Brookesia Micra Chameleon, Bumblebee Bat, Baluchistan Pygmy Jeroba, Etruscan Shrew, Virgin Islands Dwarf Gecko, Satomi’s Pygmy Seahorse, Fennec Fox, to the Paedophryne Amauensis Frog, the litany of nature’s tiny marvels astounds.*

And so it is with PeapodLife Ecosystems.

Our Angolo and Muro ecosystems are tiny representations of processes taking place each and every day in rainforests around the world. Our multi-biome microcosms of nature’s highest functioning expressions of collective harmony and symbiosis pack a powerful punch.

Imagine it: it takes tens of millions of hectares of rainforest to scrub billions of cubic metres of atmosphere of pollutants and carbon dioxide, etc. Your home, office, workplace, etc. only needs a mere fraction of that.

What’s important is that your building incorporates a true ecosystem. This ultimately is what matters. Just as in nature, it’s no use making a small version of something unless all the functionality and potency is there.

With clear-cutting, burning, strip-mining etc., the war against the rainforest around the world continues unabated. But they are far away, especially for us in the north: out of site, out of mind.

PeapodLife believes we need to preserve the essence of these high-order ecosystems however possible. Our way is to invite tiny versions of earth’s eden into our homes, offices, schools, healing centres, etc. so we can rediscover the importance and benefits of these most valuable crucibles of life on our planet.

With our Muro and Angolo models, we prove how much nature is capable of with small. 

* For a complete list of tiny animals with descriptions and photos, read FullTrain.com’s article.

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