Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Slow & Steady Wins the Human Race™
Building EcoSystem Technology lets You Be at Your BEST

Image: Illustration by Phil Couzens, Jockey rides giant with sustainable winds of change.  
Image Source: www.japaninc.com: Japan -- Business People Technology |  Blogs » Jason de Luca's blog: Slow and steady sets the pace

“Slow & Steady Wins the Race”
~ Aesop
There’s no question: life moves pretty fast these days. So before we go any further, take a deep breathe, relax, and enjoy a moment without feeling the world’s lead foot pressing down on the proverbial gas pedal of your life.

Just ssslllooowww…dooowwwnnn. Great! Now we’re off to a good start.

Isn’t that funny? In the time it takes you to read and really consider this blog, your partner, colleagues, boss, or tech-savvy friends might have read and/or sent a dozen tweets, half-a-dozen text messages, 3 emails, AND beat one of the more “impossible” levels of Candy Crush Saga.

What would they have accomplished…really? What will they even remember having done? There’s no question the frenetic pace of today’s world—enabled in part by technology—lets us DO more. But is DOING the same thing as BEING DONE? How do we get, living at breakneck speed?

Stressed out. Burn out. Breakdown. These are neither words of productivity nor happiness. But what about breakthrough?  When do the real magic moments; the eureka! moments really happen? 

Ever notice how nature doesn’t really seem to DO too much? Yet there is little doubt a lot gets done. The old joke about “watching grass grow” gives way to the reality of mowing the lawn regularly.  Grass doesn’t sweat doing what it needs to get done; it sorta kinda just happens.  No fuss, no muss.

And who doesn’t like lying down on a soft green lawn (allergy season / chemical fertilizers & pesticides notwithstanding)?

Image: Couple lying barefoot in jeans on grass.
Image Source: www.layoutsparks.com: Layoutsparks: Lying In The Grass Picture and Photo

The above image captures the essence of taking time, slowing down, actually being as opposed to always doing. Seriously: can a thousand tweets, a hundred emails, and a dozen new Xbox Live achievements compare with a single authentic experience of being?  Just ask the couple in the above pic.

When Aesop said “slow and steady wins the race,” it was much more than just the moral of his famous fable, The Tortoise and the Hare. PeapodLife puts the practical wisdom hidden in Aesop’s Fables (and many others) into Building EcoSystem Technology.  Our BEST is the winning secret for the human race.

The very BEST nature has to offer awaits you. Immerse yourself in indoor rainforest ecosystems and tune into the perennial rhythm of nature. Start experiencing the essence of being, no matter what you’re doing: at home, at work, at play (allergens, chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides free, BTW!).

Regardless of the demands the world place on you, our ecosystems keep the beat of optimal existence, as defined by nature itself. Living the PeapodLife helps keep you balanced, measured and relaxed even in the face of today’s frenetic world. Productivity, peace and countless experiences of real joy await you.

This is how slow & steady wins the human race.™ The power of nature, the genius of Building EcoSystem Technology and the beauty of living the PeapodLife.  Be You @ Your BEST. 

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