Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Can’t Afford an Ecosystem? Relax!
The Answer is Here; Your Sanctuary Awaits.

Image by PeapodLife: Relax turn Stress into Sanctuary with a New Home + Ecosystem
Microsoft Image Credits: Man Stressed

“Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer.”
~ William S. Burroughs
When it comes to people’s reactions to our ecosystems, we’ve heard one response hundreds of times:

“I love it! I want one! I just can’t afford it.”

Well now you can. Stress no longer about what you can’t afford or finance. Your indoor ecosystem sanctuary awaits you, along with affordable home ownership, plus whatever design, decor and green technologies you’ve ever dreamed of.

It’s all possible thanks to a freshly minted partnership between PeapodLife and CASAVANT.

Casavant is a revolutionary new approach to home ownership. They identify and solve problems faced by consumers, including assessment, financing and fulfillment issues around home improvements.

The result is Canada’s first integrated resale home buying process. A seamless, hassle-free, risk-free way to find, finance, purchase and renovate a resale home.

Don’t want to move? No worries, depending on your situation, Casavant may be able to re-finance your home so that your ecosystem and any and all home improvements are in your first mortgage.

For more info and to see how it works, please visit www.casavantcorp.com.

Image Casavant: Innovative Home Ownership Solutions
Source: http://www.casavantcorp.com/index.html

The Big Three Reasons why PeapodLife & Casavant are working together:
  1. PeapodLife is introducing a new paradigm of stress-free living; Casavant is introducing a new paradigm of stress-free home ownership.
  2. PeapodLife is an integrated platform of truly green, truly sustainable building technologies for stress-free living. Casavant is an integrated system for stress-free home ownership.
  3. PeapodLife is a social enterprise with profound social and environmental benefits; Casavant is a social enterprise with equally profound social and economic benefits.

Image by PeapodLife: Three Reasons why PeapodLife & Casavant are working together
PeapodLife & Casavant: it’s a match made in heaven. Contact us today to learn more about all the benefits our affiliation with Casavant has to offer.

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