Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Introducing Genesis Eco Fund - Our Non-Profit Partner is Now Online with Social Media

Image Collage by PeapodLife: Genesis Eco Fund is on Facebook, Blogger & Twitter Social Media 
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Genesis Eco Fund

Today, we are pleased to announce that the not-for-profit division of our PeapodLife Branded Social Enterprise has gone live with its Facebook page, blog, and Twitter feed.

So what is Genesis and what do they do?

Genesis International Fund for Ecological Atmospheric Research is a Toronto, Ontario-based registered not-for-profit corporation. Its mandate is to provide support in furthering PeapodLife’s social mission via fundraising, research, ecosystem relief, education and community building.

The goal of Genesis? To increase humanity’s contributions toward, capability with, accessibility to, awareness of and collective benefit from Advanced Human Habitat.

Simply put, Genesis puts the “social” in our social mission to bring Building EcoSystems & Technology to a world in desperate need of a way to reintroduce the healing powers of nature into our modern-day lives.

The following Visual Summary helps put it all in perspective… 

Image by Genesis: Visual Summary of 5 Primary Activities: Fundraising, R&D, EcoSystem Relief, Education, Community Building
2013 © Genesis International Fund for Ecological Atmospheric Research

As the key not-for-profit vehicle behind the PeapodLife Branded Social Enterprise, Genesis devotes 100% of its time and efforts on activities which benefit: individuals, families, schools, particularly special-needs schools, hospitals and wellness centres, retirement homes, businesses, communities.

GenesisEcoFund.org is still under construction, and we are hard at work getting our fundraising and crowd funding efforts underway. Like Genesis on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to learn when they’re up and running full-steam.

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