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Fresh Water Crisis could be Solved by “Mother Nature’s Engineers”

Screenshot Image: The Beaver Whisperers LIVE Online. 
“Watch for Beaver Kits; Meet the Beavers; Explore the Beaver Habitat 360’Panorama; Presented by CBC’s The Nature of Things with David Suzuki.”
Visible Tweet by PeapodLife: “@PeapodLife believes supporting Mother Nature is the BEST way to solve environmental problems. Bravo Beavers! #CastorCamCBC”
Source: The Nature of Things: The Beaver Whisperer LIVE

"The Beaver Whisperers" Nurture Wildlife to Help Recover Watersheds

“Beaver do better work than the Corps of Engineers.”
~ Mike Todd
Source: Mike Todd Quotes & Sayings
The expressions “busy beaver” and “eager beaver” may not be as well-known as they once were, but that may change if more people become aware of the incredible ways these whimsical animals are helping environmental biologists re-establish vanishing watersheds and revitalize ecosystems.

Last night The Nature of Things with David Suzuki aired a repeat of the outstanding documentary, The Beaver Whisperers, which apparently first aired in March. We were heartened, amused, informed and down-right amazed at both the tenacity and versatility of these iconic Canadian rodents, and the:
“growing number of scientists, conservationists and grass-roots environmentalists [who] see the beaver as a much overlooked [partner] when it comes to reversing the disastrous effects of global warming and world-wide water shortages.”
~ The Beaver Whisperers Film Website

Typically, human beings impose our will on the nature with the express purpose of exploiting it to meet our insatiable appetite for natural resources. When encountering nature’s resistance in the form of resilient organisms exhibiting industrious if not relentless opposition to our violation, we brand them as “pests” standing in the way of economics, progress, etc. Thus stigmatized, any opposing organisms are subjected to all manner of suffering, from forced relocation to outright extermination.

The Beaver Whisperers show us a better, smarter way to manage ecological issues. The key is embracing resilient, versatile and tenacious organisms and their specialized role in the natural order of things.

Image: Beaver building dam.  

When we cooperate with beavers, they stop being part of the problem and start becoming part of the solution.  It begins by changing our understanding of their true nature.

Beavers are hydrological engineers extraordinaire.  They are tenacious builders, work all hours of the night, conduct their own maintenance and training programs, manage family planning concerns, and are only too happy to assist us in the re-engineering of wetlands, re-establishment of vanishing watersheds, and revitalization of ecosystems.  

So here then is another example of a better, smarter way to manage ecological issues, just like PeapodLife. We focus on better understanding the fundamental matrix of nature and the infinitely interconnected mechanics of the ecosystem. Comprehend what Mother Nature needs and wants, on HER TERMS FIRST. She will always return the kindness. Nurture nature! The results are remarkable.

Image: Nurture Nature for our Future.
Source: Poster "Nurture Nature For Our Future"by Julia Pak, a project on SCAD Portfolios

For more information about The Beaver Whisperers, view live webcams of beavers, and much more, visit The Nature of Thing’s microsite dedicated to the subject, film, and “the stars of the film” (it’s nice to say that and really mean it).

P.S. Here’s a photo snapped by Wo-Built Inc. President & CEO (& Founder of PeapodLife) Martina Ernst during a very personal and touching encounter with an industrious and generally friendly (if somewhat shy) Toronto neighborhood resident.

Photo: Being Inspired by the Little Bit of Magic in My “Backyard“

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