Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Happy CoworkingToronto Day!
Now make it even more Productive

Image collage by PeapodLife: Coworking in a Space of Mutual Harmony and Symbiosis
“Do more than belong: participate.
Do more than care: help.
Do more than believe: practice.
Do more than be fair: be kind.
Do more than forgive: forget.
Do more than dream: work.”
~ William Arthur Ward
Source: http://www.goodreads.com/quotes/314867-do-more-than-belong-participate-do-more-than-care-help

February 24th is Coworking Toronto Day.

We think 2015 is a tremendous opportunity for coworking venues in the City of Toronto to become leaders internationally in bringing the power and beauty of PeapodLife ecosystems to their spaces. Why would they want to do that? To realize the spirit of the above quote, a spirit which is most certainly embodied in the celebration of coworking in Toronto, and elsewhere around the world later this summer.

Image: Coworking Toronto Logo

What is coworking?

The following infographic nicely sums up the topic the benefits and spirit of coworking, a concept which has been gaining popularity in the digital age as individuals working outside the framework of traditional organizational structures discover that being a freelancer or a lone wolf isn’t necessarily all it’s cracked up to be.

Infographic: Considering Coworking | Visual.ly
Credit: http://visual.ly/considering-coworking

Let’s face it: human beings are—for the most part—social animals. We like human contact (again, for the most part) and without a sense of connection we turn to unhealthy and unsustainable substitutes—including addiction, as is evidenced in the recent GenesisEcoFund blog on the subject: Could Advanced Human Habitat Prevent/Cure Addiction?

Even telecommuters and those working for larger organizations who are allowed to work from home will often seek out shared workspaces in a big to fill the “coworking void,” as it were. Perhaps it relates to the morphogenetic field that we feel more productive when surrounded by others who are being productive. Whereas being alone often means being surrounded by myriad distractions to occupy our time and attention with (and anyone who has ever worked from home can attest to this).

The benefits of coworking have been well noted. A surveys from 2012 to 2014 conducted by Deskmag revealled:

•    58% of members were working from home before joining a coworking space
•    80% of members acknowledged the business network of a coworking space had a positive impact on independent workers
•    42% of members join coworking spaces for the knowledge sharing
•    47% enjoy moral support from fellow members
•    48% often share contacts of other professionals
•    68% of coworkers report an improved focus
•    71% of coworkers report an increased creativity

Source: http://coworkingtoronto.ca/coworkingtoronto-day-2015-event-calendar/

Or, if you prefer your statistics in visual form…

Image: Coworking Infographic

Can Coworking be made even better?

PeapodLife knows so. How? With harmony and symbiosis. A Rainforest ecosystem in any shared space brings an even degree of community, collaboration, and efficiency.

Anyone who shares the electromagnetic field of an ecosystem simply starts feeling better… simultaneously more relaxed and more invigorated; a consciousness more focused and more expansive; more inspired and more imaginative. 

Don’t believe us? Just ask the tenants of 401 Bay Street, who enjoy a small ecosystem in their shared cafeteria.

Image by PeapodLife: “Angolo” Ecosystem in café at 401 Bay Street Shared office space.

Or, the residents of the affordable retirement residence who enjoy this ecosystem in a shared living space:

And to get a feel for what the real potential contribution an ecosystem has to make on your coworking space/community, you need to read our last blog article: It’s not that easy being “GREEN” - “Efficiency” vs. “Sustainability”.

If you believe in the power and potential of coworking, and realize/accept that those benefits are taking place in toxic non-habitats; imagine what can be achieved in vibrant, transformative, dynamic coworking environments powered by high-order rainforest ecosystems…Advanced Human Habitat

Learn more at GenesisEcoFund.org.


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