Thursday, 9 October 2014

Nature’s Worth, Beyond Words

Image: “For going out, I found, was really going in because what I gained most from nature is beyond words.” ~ John Muir & John Fowles.

“For going out, I found, was really going in because
what I gained most from nature is beyond words.” 
~ John Muir & John Fowles

Normally, when one thinks about a TED Talk, one’s mind turns to images of highly educated, intellectual, experienced and/or self-important individuals strutting around on a stage for 10 to 20 minutes or so expounding the virtues of their work, field of study, insights, discoveries, theories, etc.

Image: UAB’s Sarah Pacak in the TED 2012 Spotlight  
Source: University of Alabama at Birmingham: UAB News Blog: UAB's Sarah Parcak in the TED2012 spotlight

PeapodLife enjoys TED Talks as much as the next person, but every now and then, one comes along which decides to do more showing then telling. A TED presentation which adhere’s to a picture is worth a thousand words school of knowledge.

It just so happens that today we share the highlight of just such a presentation; and well, you could say it presses all the right buttons with us…

Video: Nature Beauty in HD and Slow Motion  
Source: YouTube -

In the spirit of this video, we decided to share another which will give you a sense of how you can feel every time you find yourself in the company of your own indoor ecosystems from PeapodLife:

Video: Beautiful World - Equator 3 1080p HD  
Source: YouTube -

Of course, as beautiful as such videos are, they are no substitute for being there, for experiencing nature directly, personally and intimately. There’s something about the energy and vitality combined with peace and tranquility that cannot be duplicated or substituted.

That is why PeapodLife works with nature to bring lifeforce back into people’s stale, stressful, technocratic, and often toxic living environments. We don’t waste our time with novelties, mechanical monstrosities and half-measures which offer at best a mere fraction of the benefits of real ecosystems—and in some cases can actually seriously deteriorate the health of your space.

Rather, we invite nature on its terms—self-contained high-order rainforest ecosystems—into your home, office, school, retirement and/or healing centre so that you and yours can benefit from its calming and rejuvenating powers.

There is only one way to bring the harmony and symbiosis of nature into your life, and that’s to work in harmony and symbiosis with nature itself. This is PeapodLife’s secret, and why no other competing technology comes close to how our solutions can make you feel.

Consider that, especially considering winter’s fast approaching—one the Farmer’s Almanac is predicting will be worse than last year’s winter!

In light of all this, imagine being able to enjoy the energy, fresh air and soothing comforts of your very own high-order indoor rainforest ecosystem:

Video: PeapodLife Living Wall EcoSystem Fitch Street 

…even as you find yourself in the middle of winter, surrounded by this:

Video: 12-Hour Winter Snowstorm  
Credit: Edward Huff  
Source: YouTube -

Enough said.

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