Thursday, 28 August 2014

Meditations in Motion,
Living Ecosystems Give Life

“Our Nature Consists in Motion; complete rest is death”
~ Blaise Pascal
As opposed to the usual offerings, today PeapodLife offers a series of videos, kind of meditations on movement in nature. We begin with starlings.

Video: Starlings Murmuration 

We soon discover that such mesmerizing movements are in no way limited to birds and other winged creatures (bats, mosquitoes, etc). If we dive into the oceans, we encounter similar phenomenon—schooling, shoals.

Video: Sardine Run 2010 HD 

And one might think such fluid movements may be limited to air and water; not so. Even land creatures,  herding and stampeding take on similar shapes and patterns of motion.

Video: Wildebeast crossing Mara river

And such movements show up in even the most unexpected places, in unexpected ways, in uncommon “herds” (if it’s 5,000 ducks waddling, does that make it a herd or a flock?)

Video: 5000 Ducks Stop Traffic in Taizhou, China: Hong Minghsu's Ducks March into Chinese City

From winds and waves to flying beasts and crawling critters, here’s a nice video of Movement in Nature to close out today’s blog.

Source: Vimeo

The point of all this? To show, rather than just tell, that the life-giving flow of energies reverberate and reflect on all levels in nature in all manner of manifestation. It is important to grasp this as one considers how the presence of an ecosystem in one’s life can fill one’s world with new movements of revitalizing and rejuvenating movements.

Ecosystems are in constant motion. There may be no better meditation than to go deeper into oneself in the still point at the centre of one’s life in constant motion. 

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