Friday, 8 March 2013

Turn even the smallest Room, Condo or Office into a Rainforest!

They may be small, but pPodLite Angolo and Muro by PeapodLife are about to make a big splash in indoor vertical gardens.
 Designed  and engineered for home, condo, office, retail & other tight spaces & budgets.

Living with Nature just got Friendlier with pPodLite Self-Contained Indoor Vertical Garden Ecosystems

We all want to get back to nature. But what does that mean, exactly?

Some of us are not that into camping, trekking in the wilderness, or can afford expensive adventure holidays in the rainforests of South America or Southeast Asia. And even if we can “get away from it all” now and then, what about the rest of the time (the majority of our time), spent at work, school, home?

What do we do?  Invite nature indoors. Sounds good!

Some of us are not green thumbs. We don’t like messing around with soil, fertilizers (organic or otherwise), foods, the clippings, etc. And let’s be honest: are potted plants really all that "natural?"

As for hydroponics or other methods like living walls which treat plants as little more than eye candy or worse, bio-mechanical air-filters…no thanks. Some of us cannot afford costly ongoing plant replacement costs because of some biochemist thought it was a good idea to abuse mother nature indoors, too.

There’s only one way to treat a house-guest. You provide them all the comforts of home in your home: their home away from home. For when it comes to inviting Mother Nature indoors, that means being friendly to her: a little ecosystem of her very own can turn even the smallest space into a rainforest.

Invigorate any smaller space with pPodLite—easy-to-install PeapodLife products

pPodLite Muro and pPodLite Angolo from PeapodLife are complete self-contained fully functioning high order ecosystems.  These easy to install, small footprint units do the impossible: grow moss, orchids, even organic food, all in a completely natural zero-nutrient environment which uses the power of the sun and the intricate balance of life to maintain and sustain an indoor vertical garden unlike any other.

pPodLite is not about how to survive; it’s a model of how to thrive.

Treat Mother Nature well, and she will provide. Clean air up to 10x better than outside. Natural beauty. Vitality. Energy. Even organic food which tastes like nothing from any farm. How much do people value wild?

To Mother Nature, it’s not wild, to her, it’s home; to her, it’s the way it should be.  Now, the way things ought to be can be the way things are…at home, school, office...wherever.

Visit for more details or download product PDF’s, below

pPodLite Muro Product Sheet [PDF]: Modular 6' Wall Unit; 12+ sq. ft of Rainforest Plant & Moss Area; 3 Biome EcoSystem; Canopy, Waterfall & Aquatic Fauna Habitats; Self-Contained Water Purification System; External Full-Spectrum Light Source May be Required.

pPodLite Angolo Product Sheet [PDF]: Modular 8' Corner Unit; 16 sq. ft of Rainforest Plant & Moss Area; 5 Biome High-Order EcoSystem; Canopy, Terrestrial & Aquatic Fauna Habitats; Built-in Full-Spectrum Light Source; Self-Contained Water Purification System.

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