Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Air Quality 10x Better than Outdoor Air for a Better Quality of Peapod Life

Peapod Life Indoor Ecosystem
Image: Indoor Ecosystem from Peapod Life can achieve 10x Better air Quality than Outdoor Air

Another humid day in Toronto, another air quality warning in effect.  As the city waits with bated breath for a good downpour to refresh the city’s air, let’s take a moment to consider the implications.
We all know the importance of having fresh air.   

We know how stuffy and unpleasant indoor spaces can become and so we open doors and windows in our homes and install expensive HVAC systems in our commercial buildings to either get fresh air inside or process recirculated air to make it seem fresh.

Given the air quality warnings we receive on a regular basis from the city, the methods we use to get fresh air indoors should raise a few eyebrows.  How fresh is that air, after all?

What if you could achieve air quality ten times better than that available outside, with no HVAC system?  This is the magic of utilizing nature’s air purification system, ecosystems, indoors.

Peapod Life works with technologies and methodologies developed over decades by experts in the fields of indoor ecosystems.  These deceptively simple systems allow Peapod Life to create fully integrated indoor garden living spaces that are a step above potted plants or typical living walls. 

You wouldn’t want to live in a green house, precisely because of the poor air quality!  Unless you change the soil seasonally in your house plants, you’ll find they (and you) don’t do so well after a while.  

Soil is alive.  Eventually it dies.  Then it starts to decompose.  Thanks to fungus, mould, bacteria, etc., rotting soil releases putrid gases and noxious fumes that are anything but “fresh.”

One reason why the air seems so fresh in nature—especially forests—is because of proper ecosystems.  Soil dies in nature, too.  But rather than dying all at once as in a potted plant, it dies similarly to human skin: continually, constantly being renewed as it dies.  The ecosystem itself is alive.

This is Wo-Built’s approach to living structures: buildings that support life…all life…Peapod Life.  Our indoor ecosystems support vibrant, living growth media continuously regenerating itself, in turn supporting healthy plants that clean the air and feed the other elements of the complete living system. 

The result?  Commercial installations using the same methods and technologies employed by Peapod Life have achieved indoor air quality ten times better than outside air.  Just imagine what it would be like living, working and/or playing in air so fresh; in space so alive.  

It’s just another aspect of what we call Quality of Peapod Life.

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